Information DUMP #4!

If you are new to DMS, I occasionally have a build up of random "stuff" in my head- so I Dump it into one post! This is one of those times! (NOTE: I have not been asked to promote ANY of these items, just  "stuff" I love. )
(Here are links to the other info"dumps": Dump 1, Dump 2, Dump 3)

Here are all of the random things I have for you!

1. Make sure to follow DMS on Facebook- please! (I removed the previous post, so this is all I could think of- ha)
2. My favorite nail color of the moment is Essie "Muchi, Muchi" it is the perfect pink- not too mod, not too soft...just right! (the girls love it too of course)
3. My girlfriend Katie gave me this idea (without knowing it) she uses a glass olive oil bottle for dish soap- I snagged the idea and I love it- it is a great way to ration your soap- I always use too much straight from the bottle- this way you just get a little dot..which goes a long way! Fabulous idea Katie!
4. Speaking of dish soap- I found this on Pinterest from this blog "One Good Thing by Jillee"- who knew there were so many uses for Blue Dawn! (ice packs, pets, plants, windows, nails, tools, showers, ants, unclogging toilets, de-icer, laundry, etc..!)
5. I just LOVE my Insta-Hot water faucet- it is definitely a luxury that makes my life easier! Hot tea, hot water for pasta or mac-n-cheese (it boils almost instantly)- it sanitizes everything (boon spoons, dropped utensils, kids straws, knifes, binkies, etc..) There are lots of different kinds- mine is from InSinkErator 
6. I recently discovered how much I LOVE kitchen scissors- I use them to trim fat off of chicken, to chop penne pasta up for the girls, to cut bacon, etc... for those of you chef's out there you will think I am silly- but it is way easier than messing with a knife! (I got that tip from my college roommate Mindy- I have not used a knife on chicken breast fat since! thanks minds!)
7.  My friend Maggie has a darling Etsy Store: Lily Cole Designs- she has a great blog too! She sent me the link to this other darling Etsy store today- it is right up my alley- FancyThatDesignHouse - I love finding good Etsy shops! I would usually ask...what is your favorite Etsy shop- but since I turned comments off for a week or so- feel free to email me your favs or comment on Facebook! How great is Etsy?! The picture below is perfect for my daughter's gray and yellow room!
8. I do not think I could survive without this company...Boon! The Plum dispensing spoon (which works on ALL pouches of food, not just Plum) is amazing, I keep them in my bag and when we go out to eat, I whip a pouch of food out and my Boon spoon and there is NO mess! I get stopped more for this item at restaurants than anything. I also love the Boon SQUIRT for rice cereal, but since they are mixing rice cereal in the pouches these days- I use the dispensing spoon a lot more! AND...their stuff just looks delightful! 

{#2 essie Muchi, Muchi)

{#3/#4 Dish Soap!}

{#5 InstaHot}

{#8 Boon is Delightful!}

That is all, hope you are having a great week! 

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