It's Delightful: Candles, Lotion and Soap!

I am a sucker for yummy soap, lotion and candles! I also have a new "obsession" for coffee mugs- but we can discuss that later! When getting ready to move in my new home, I was so excited to shop for these little pleasures! I have a little delightful morning routine of lighting my favorite candle and starting the coffee pot before breakfast with the girls- if I have those two things done, I can move on! I thought you might like to know about my favorites of the moment!

{VOLUSPA Elysian Garden- although I like ALL of their candles, this one is my "candle of the moment" I get mine at Standard Style- but they are everywhere!}

{Next Up- I adore this candle Trapp: Bob's Flower Shoppe- it is AMAZING!}

{As far as soap goes- I always find delightful soap at Anthropologie- it is really more about the bottle than the soap itself if we are honest! I found this Barr-Co. hand soap and lotion and I just love the bottles- the product is yummy too! Here it is in my new kitchen- I think I might wash my hands now!}

I will keep you updated as I find more treasures- Happy Tuesday!

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