It's Delightful: Groc day!

Today we went to two of my 3 favorite groc locations- Trader Joe's and Whole Foods (the third being Costco- did not make it there). If I had endless amounts of money I would exclusively shop at these spots- however, I have essentials at each one and I try to stick with the "necessities"! It never fails, I always find new treasures when I go to WF and TJ- and today was no exception! Here are my two delightful finds of the day!

{I will eat anything with Rosemary- If you have some extra time on your hands you can make this at home, here is the RECIPE - but for people like me who simply want to munch on this delightful treat, Trader Joe's has packaged them up in a pretty little bag and they are DELICIOUS!}

{I love the pre-made sandwiches at Whole Foods for a quick lunch- the Hummus with roasted Veggies and the chicken salad are amazing- when I am snagging these for a quick bite I always want a little yummy beverage- but I dont want soda or sweet stuff- I found this today- Unsweet Iced Tea... IN A BOTTLE! Delightful!}

In case you haven't seen my full TJ's list- here it is: TRADER JOE's LIST. Have a fabulous night! 

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