My sweet girlfriend, Milly, is 9 months old today! It is really bittersweet when you know it is your last (biological) child- she isn't an infant anymore! In case you dont know about my little miracle, here is her story and her birth story (the day before, name announcement and more birth). She truly is a miracle and I am SO grateful for her!
Here are some random notes for those of you approaching the 9 month mark, those with newborns or those who are pregnant! 
- Do not worry if your child is the last to do anything- teeth, talking, crawling- I remember being so worried about my first daughters "milestones"- they are going to be just great, just check in with your doctor at the check ups and they will let you know if you should be concerned! My girls have all been late to get teeth, crawl, eat, etc.. and they are just fine!
- I like the little mesh feeders for teething- I put ice in them and let her suck away! 
- I let my girls suck and chew on cucumbers at this age- frozen or not- they are great!
- Pack N Play time is delightful when they start crawling- just put a Pack N Play up in a room- a little away from the flow of traffic- rotate toys and books in there- let them play for 15-20 minutes- I think it really helps with concentration and they get some good boundaries. I have loved it for my girls. 
- I really try to train in the highchair at home from the start (5-6 months)- she is required to sit in the high chair at meal time with the family- she has never known anything different. I think this plays a big part in why my girls are (usually) well behaved at restaurants- I think if you train at home you wont have to train in public. Makes sense to me...if they dont get to run around the table at home they wont expect to in public. 
- I love these DVD's for this age: Praise Baby, Boz the Bear, Sesame Beginnings 
- Love Karen Katz books all three of my girls love her board books- there are tons of them!

Ok...We did a little 9 month photo shoot today. She has this darling dress and I love it- she has almost outgrown it so I thought we better get some shots in it! 

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