Today's Project: Chalk It Up!

Hi! I always "pin" the fun chalk board paint ideas on Pinterest because they look like so much fun- however I avoid actually doing any of them because the tiny bit of OCD in me says- I absolutely will not clean up fine chalk shavings all over my house! I also do not want to experiment with the idea of teaching my girls that they can write on certain walls and not others- I think it might be inviting marks on all of my lovely freshly painted walls! That all being said- I purchased chalk paint a while ago and I wanted to use it on...something! Here is what I came up with! 

{This is what I purchased- it comes in all sorts of fun colors}

{I decided the place for it was the garage- it would make us happy when we come and go and we could write little notes on it. I have a weekly memory verse, a little "welcome home"(tonight it was to dad, but usually to Ellie when she comes home from school) Ellie made a little picture for daddy- I thought I could do a sight word of the day....the possibilities are endless! The best part is...who cares if there are chalk shavings in the garage! P.S. since posting this I have already expanded the chalk space and cleaned up the edges, I think it will come in handy this winter- "head to the garage girls!" 

{I was in Nashville this spring and my friend Heather handed out glasses of wine and we all had our initial chalked on the glass- I LOVED that idea for keeping track of glasses- so I snagged the idea! I just used the little foam paint brushes and swiped a little chalk paint on the glass and here you go!} 

{Finally, I liked that idea so much I thought that my white coffee mugs could use it too- Ellie actually painted these on- so, if you come over for coffee, you will know exactly which cup is yours!!}

I had to stop myself there- I mean...I could go crazy with this chalking idea! The same little OCD in me says- hey, I could just label the entire house with chalk! Happy Wednesday! 

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