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Tomorrow is the last day for House Week- although, I am sure I will have many more updates. Just to clarify- we did not do all of this work ourselves- we hired wonderful people and have amazing family who helped us. I did not have a baby on the hip with a paint brush in hand..no thank you! I do have a delightful DIY for fall that I am going to work on this weekend...cant wait to share...if it turns out! If not, I will link to other crafty people's DIY projects! Happy Friday!!! (if you missed days 1-4 KITCHEN, DINING ROOM, LIVING ROOM and BEDROOMS)

{Staircase to basement..before}

 {Staircase After: Walls are Willow Creek, Wood is White Dove (Benjamin Moore)}

{The basement living area before}

 {The Basement living area after: just paint, carpet, removing popcorn and furniture- I love the natural light!}

{The playroom Before}

{This is the stage before- my girls saw this when we were looking for homes and once they came to this- suddenly no house was good enough because there was no "stage"- it is just really a box build over the sump pump- but the people before us had it "staged" as a stage- that was all they needed. So, we knew we needed to expand it- 3 girls can not fit on that stage}

{The brains behind the operation..notice the very necessary beer on the stage}

{This is Vernon and Caryn, as previously mentioned, we could not have done this without them. Dave learned so much from Vernon and Caryn is amazing...coming over after work to help paint, etc.. we owe them big time!}

{TaDa...The stage! The girls had to work to earn their "personal PA system" and it is a hit. Drapes are from Anthropologie..of course I didn't make them (I have been asked that by several people who need to get to know me better!) Paint color is Distant Gray by Benjamin Moore}

{They love closing the curtains and getting dressed up behind them}

{The highly important dress up area behind the curtains}

 {Another shot of the playroom}

{This is a print I had my friend Maggie make- the girls really wanted a rainbow themed room- my fabulous rug is on its way- check out Maggie's stuff on her Etsy Site}

{Here is the art section, although they prefer the art table in the main room...Ellie was in action this morning}

{The doll and art section of the playroom}

{Ellie wanted you to see our flag as you come down the stairs...so there you go! Paint color is Nimbus by Benjamin Moore}

{There is a full bath downstairs, and an office/guest room that you will not be seeing yet because it is a disaster!!! Anyway, here is the bathroom before}

{The Bathroom After: Paint is Van Courtland Blue by Benjamin Moore}

Tomorrow I will wrap this little series up with some misc. pics- thanks again for all of the kind comments! SO GLAD IT IS FRIDAY!!! 

Here is one more side-by-side of the stage- I think it improved a bit! :)

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  1. Jenica,
    I LOVE the stage for your girls!! They will make a lifetime of memories on that little stage! (I'll never forget the original movie "Parent Trap" where Hayley Mills played the twins, and they sang "Let's Get Together" on a little stage with a curtain at their dad's house.) Oh, and the bright, ruffly curtains are incredible!! It's DELIGHTFUL!!!
    Jane Carden (your Dad's classmate, and your Mom's good friend)


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