House Stuff: The Dining Room

Well Hello! Day 2 of my home remodel "before and after"- today is the dining room- here you go! If you missed Day 1: KITCHEN check it out! 
My mom gets 100% of the credit for this room- it turned out so well- she did a great job!

{This is the "before" (I had to use the listing picture so it has a funky large border around the picture) 

{This is the "after"}

{Another "before"-without wallpaper- you cant see it in this pic- but the popcorn ceiling came down too!}

 {We discovered this lovely situation under the carpet and behind the wallpaper- apparently termites had a little snack on the wall- so we got to replace the front corner of the room...sad!}

{Back to the fun stuff... This is my Phillip Jeffries granite wall covering- I love it!}

{Here is a fun little trick I learned, if you spray the inside of a vent flat black it looks so much better- I did that and sprayed the vent cover silver- easy and delightful!}

{This is it- I cant wait to have a dinner party in here!}

Here is a teaser for tomorrow...the living room!

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