House Stuff: Kitchen!

I love "before and after" posts, so I cant resist the opportunity to share the project I have been working on for the past few months- our new home! This week I am going to take you room by room and share the before and after and some of the fun things I have learned along the way! I must tell you that my mom is an interior decorator- so I had a lot of help! I have to remind you that I am not a photographer- just a girl with an IPhone and to make matters worse, the house had very few lights "before" so some are dark...sorry! (Please dont take this as "showing off" in any way, I feel so blessed by our new home and this is simply a fun before and after!)

{I was not on my game enough to take FULL before pics- there was so much drama with closing that we just closed and started ripping it up! You get the idea though- I love my little desk- just painted it White Dove (Benjamin Moore) and added new hardware- oh, and ripped the little "decorative" pieces off}

(Notice the giant light box- that was the only light in the kitchen, so we put in some canned lights and it made a huge difference- you can also see the old backsplash, etc here- )

{We turned the little in-kitchen dining area into a kitchen/play area for the girls- this is the "hot spot" of the house- while I am cooking the girls are cooking!}

{Hallway to laundry room before}

{Hallway after- paint color is Benjamin Moore Willow Creek and Dove White on the wood} 

{I thought you needed a close up of my backsplash- I am nuts about it! It is just Beveled Subway tile with a light gray grout}

{This is my happy place- the house had a dated "arch" above the sink with a fluorescent light attached so we ripped the "arch"off and installed the chandelier. The color is still Willow Creek and White Dove on the wood.}

{It is really the little things that make me happy- soap, candles....and my faucet! I just love it! Here is the scoop on my previously mentioned InstaHot!}

{Moving on- I have learned one major thing during this renovation.... you can paint ANYTHING! The brass on the fireplace was taken care of by a little RustOleum Grill Paint. I have used RustOleum on every bit of brass I can find- the storm door is like new!}

{The kitchen side of the fireplace..After! See my table and chair story HERE}

{Just a final little shot of the back door- I love the hardware!} 

Here is a little summary incase you are wondering- I always like to know what I am looking at!
1) Wall Paint: Willow Creek by Benjamin Moore
2) Wood Color: Dove White by Benjamin Moore
3) Floor Stain: I just asked for the darkest stain without it being black!
4) Granite is Cold Springs
5) Backsplash is Beveled Subway tile

Any other questions, feel free to ask! More to come....stay tuned!
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Happy Monday!


  1. It looks fantastic!! There was a ton of wood in that place! Great job!

    1. thank you! there was so much wood! If white painted wood goes out of style, I am in trouble! :)

  2. Jenica,
    It looks beautiful! I am in love with your paint colors, the wood floor color, the granite countertops, the kitchen window, the new faucet, the girls' own kitchen play area, and everything! The chandelier above your kitchen sink is such an elegant and fun accent. It is just amazing.

  3. Just came across your cute blog, your remodel looks wonderful!

  4. your kitchen looks great! did you hire someone to paint your cabinets? did they sand, then spray paint them? how many coats of paint? thanks!


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