House Stuff: Living Room!

Day 3 of the house remodel- make sure to check out Day 1 (the kitchen) and Day 2 (the dining room).
Here we go!
{We painted the wood white, new hardware on the cabinets, painted the walls, painted the brass on the fireplace (RustOleum Grill Paint and that is really all- PAINT!}

{Notice the track lighting- that was the only light in the room- so we took that out and added canned lights- made a huge difference. We also removed the popcorn ceiling.}

{Doesn't the paint on the brass of the fire place make a HUGE difference, that is a really easy fix!}

{All we did on the entry was paint, new handles on the door, you cant see the outside, but I painted the brass on the storm door and we got a new kick plate, and...the light!!! I also got a new vent cover and that made a big difference!}

{I thought you might need a closer look at my light fixture! I am NUTS about it!}

{We did the vent trick on this one too- just spray inside the vent with flat black paint- it makes a big difference!}

Here is the paint info:

Tomorrow's Teaser...The bedrooms! 

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