*Note: Since writing this, my mom went to B.R.U and loves Heidi's line- so go figure! Guess that is why there is so much variety out there- something for everyone! Bottom line...it is worth checking out! :)
On Tuesdays and Thursdays Izzy goes to preschool and gets out at 2pm. That means we have exactly one hour before going to sit in line at Ellie's school for pick up. In my dream world, I would pick Izzy up from school and we would go home for naps. Last year I had 2 girls in school 2 days a week from 9am-2pm then they would come home and crash from 2pm-4pm. That is not the case anymore...and dont get me started on Milly's nap schedule on these days!
Back to the point, this week I decided to take that hour and go investigate Heidi Klum's new line at Babys "R" Us: Simply Scrumptious. I must admit I had high hopes, I loved the Cynthia Rowley collaboration..I miss that line! Bottom line: Slight Disappointment. (I wish people would make simple, darling, affordable clothes for children...simple!) Please take no offense if you love the line- for me..it needs work! I found one onesie I liked and I did purchase it for Milly: Here you go-

I do love it- the little sleeves are adorable! (I love that little tummy too!) They have the same pattern in a darling toddler dress and other cute items- it could be a lot more "Scrumptious" and hopefully it will be if it sticks around. Moving on, our Baby's "R" Us got a bit of a "makeover", they reorganized it and added a darling shoe section. I would imagine they are feeling heat from Buy Buy Baby being so popular (amazing what a clean/tidy store will do)- now I need them to clean up Toys "R" Us- I have never been to a clean well organized T.R.Us. Back to B.R.Us- they have great shoes, my only complaint is they only go up to size 11- I wish I could get Ellie shoes there- adorable. I found these for Milly- sorry Toms, I cant purchase any more of your kids shoes until you reinforce the toe- I spent a fortune on your adorable children's shoes last year and they did not even last me one school year before the toe's poked through! SO, these are pretty cute knock offs for $13

That is all I have for you on Investigating- bottom line: love the "reorg" dont love the Klum stuff! 
Have a great weekend- let me know if you like it...I cant speak for the boys merchandise- I am no expert on boys stuff! 

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