It's Delightful: Soup Time!!!!

Since we had our first "fall day" yesterday it made me want to start making soup! SO, I thought I would share with you my "go-to" soups that I have posted in the past! These are the best and easiest soups to make- I am SO excited for soup season! I am making a new soup this weekend and will share it with you IF it is good!

1. Cheese Soup!
2. Healthy and Hearty Bean Soup! 
3. My Chili!


  1. New follower! These soups sound great! :) BTW-- just wanted you to know some of your posts I tried to comment on didn't have the comment option. I'm looking forward to seeing how your kitchen makeover turned out! :)

    1. Hi Nicole! Hope you like the soups! I don't know why it wouldn't let you comment- maybe it has to do with the timeframe when I had comments turned off- I will work on it! Have a great day!


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