It's Delightful: Notes From The Weekend!

I do not have a recipe for today (sorry Recipe Monday lovers!)- just some fun things from the weekend and classic fall "yummies"!

{I love the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks- Nonfat, Iced, 1 Pump- if you have not tried it iced, it is amazing! Usually I limit myself to "tall" but I had a free drink card (from the Starbucks Gold card) and when I have the free drink, I really try to get the most expensive drink, ha!}

{This is the most amazing find from Trader Joes- the Olive Bread and Artichoke spread- I cut the bread, drizzle with EVOO and put in the oven for 5 minutes- then pull it out and spread away- seriously...amazing!}

{I used the first ever "hair tool" on Ellie's hair this weekend- she has wavy hair and I do not have to blow dry or anything..but now she loves the flat iron- sad that I started that little idea!}

{We went to the pumpkin patch- this is literally my dream pumpkin that I found, I dont ever want it to spoil- I love it! We are pumpkin painting tomorrow, pics to come}

{Ellie went to a birthday party this weekend- how amazing is this face painting job!?}

{I LOVE Williams Sonoma Pumpkin Bread- it is in the store...along with some new Pumpkin brittle..YUMM!}

{Finally, we are so excited- my sweet friend Kelsey (who was a Jr. bridesmaid in my wedding...this picture makes me feel O.L.D}

{Anyway...she is getting married and asked the older girls to be flower girls!! They are SO excited! You never know what an impact you are making on little kids when you allow them to be part of a wedding- my girls will literally remember this time FOREVER. I am so blessed they get to be a part of it too! (notice that Izzy is already wearing her bride dress!)}

That does it- Have a great week- we have 2 parties at our home this week...so I have a feeling this will be a picture week on here! 

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