10 Months and A Pedi!

Milly turned 10 Months old on Sunday, so I thought I would share some notes on 10 Months.

1) I now remember why I did "Pack 'N Play (PNP) time" once they become mobile- watch out! She would just crawl right down the stairs if I would leave her for 5 minutes. Thankfully this time I have two VERY cautious and responsible older girls who wont even let her leave the room- but a lady needs to potty occasionally- so I have a "PNP" set up where I can set her in a safe place and go about my business! :) I had the other girls do up to 30 minutes of PNP time where they learned to "self play" and I would rotate toys in and out- with Milly, we are never landed long enough to do PNP time- I consider her carseat the alternative (since we are always running her sisters around).

2) With this newfound mobility there are also curious hands- meaning she touches everything she is not supposed to touch. I have always had success using 2 methods of training them not to touch something 1- the hand squeeze and 2- the "pat pat". My older girls learned very quickly what not to touch- because I never let it be an "option". SO, the squeeze is simply- they approach something "illegal" (the cord from the computer lets say) I say- "MILLY, DO NOT TOUCH" if she proceeds to touch, I go to her and squeeze- I mean really squeeze- the hand that touched. You might have to do this 1000 times- they will get it. Next is the "pat pat" if there is something nice in your house that you dont mind them touching, but they need to be gentle- you say- "MILLY, Pat pat" and go to them and lightly pat the object- and maybe even take their hand and lightly pat. (the Pat Pat is courtesy of my mom!)

3) Books Books Books- My girls all love books at this age- again, I love the Karen Katz Books- Milly's book of the moment is Where is Baby's Mommy?

4) I mentioned videos on the 9 month post- but Boz the Bear is our favorite at this age- Fun website too: HERE. One more thing, I say if you want a video on (say in the car or something) go ahead and start the Preschool Prep videos- Shapes, Colors, Letters and Numbers

5) Eating depends on the baby at this age- my other two were eating "people food" on their tray and Milly strongly dislikes texture and just downed her first graham cracker yesterday- everyone is different. If you dont know about Puffs, Baby mum mum or Lil' Crunchies get to know them- your dining experience will be much more delightful with these little gems!

6) If you haven't been using Amazon Subscribe and Save for diapers- check it out- they ship to your door whenever you want at a great price- best I have found in fact.

RANDOM "Stuff": 
{I believe that next to the first laughs...the clapping is the best! I love it, I go to get Milly out of bed from nap and she is sitting up in bed clapping when she sees me- even on baby #3 that never gets old!}

{Thats right, you saw those sweet little piggy's are red! We gave Milly her first Pedi today!}

{The big girls got mani's- Ellie wanted red and blue for the KU Jayhawks}

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