Recipe Monday: A DELIGHTFUL(ish) Fall Evening!

Saturday was one of those days...it was rainy and cool and just felt like the perfect night for "family night". I decided to head to the store (even though I didn't want to leave the house) and get stuff to make a "comfort food" dinner- I searched through my Pinterest "food file" and found a recipe for Philly Cheese Steak Sloppy Joes (I took the advice of the comments below the post and did not make the cheese sauce, I just melted Provolone cheese)- YUMM, and perfect comfort food! I had the highest hopes for this evening- fire lit, comfort food, pumpkin ice cream for dessert, family games by the fire after dinner, a little glass of wine with my man- perfect (I even took a few pics in anticipation of this "perfect" evening"). WELL...This is how it went down: 
{I settled into the kitchen- turned just the chandelier on for "cozy mood lighting"- I love watching the rain out my window- I also had worship music blaring in the room- really setting my mood!}

{Even though it is not winter, I couldn't resist lighting my favorite winter candle- I LOVE this one!}

{I poured a little hot tea while I did my cooking- I love love love tea!}

 {Another favorite thing about fall..pears- we all love them and do not eat them unless it is fall for some reason (well.. for good reason, that is when they are best)!}

{The "Joe's" turned out perfectly- YUMM YUMM YUMM- and so easy- I Highly suggest!}

 {All was going well.. fire-check, wine- check, comfort food- check, family-check}

{At this point...the pictures END and so did the "perfect fall evening"! The girls refused to eat- 1.5 hours later we were still at the table forcing them to take bites- I LOST IT, I mean LOST IT- I absolutely could not reward them with games or ice cream after this display of disobedience- and DARN IT...it was messing up my perfect evening!!! So, we went up for baths, read some books and off to bed- my lonely little fire still blazing down stairs! Isn't that just the way it is with kids- you can plan and plan and sometimes it works out just how you want it to...but most of the time- they do not get the memo about mommy's perfect fall evening idea and refuse to eat the meal I just spent all day planning and making thus making mommy need a little bit more wine and a bed!!!} 

{Moving on...I never got my Pumpkin Ice Cream- however, you should check this yummy treat out- they always sell out at Trader Joes- because it is DELIGHTFUL! I am begging Dave to eat it so that I can continue to fit into my new Baldwin Denim Legging Jeans!}

{After a full weekend of frustration over eating (and homework...that is another story but how can Kindergarten homework be stressful?) I found this pic on my phone- I am OBSESSED with her little stick people- she gives them eyebrows and glasses and they usually have curly hair- those sweet little arms and legs coming straight out of the head- I LOVE IT- and LOVE them!}

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