Sunday Recap!

This is my new "Weekly Recap"- If you follow me on Instagram you might see some repeats- but here is our week in a nutshell (in no order!)

{That is right, I exercised my right to vote this week- very excited! Don't forget to vote on or by November 6!) 

{I am IN LOVE with this onesie I asked my friend Maggie to make (LilyCole Designs)

 {This is a sneak preview of our Halloween gear- Many more pics to come on next Sunday's recap!}

{Sometimes we need a full on "Fancy Dance Party- this was 9am on a Wednesday- and we all put on fancy dresses (they have to "spin") and high heels- we crank up the music and DANCE!! Here is our attire from this week-}

{Mid-Dance party- we just really let loose!} 

{I looked over and saw this today- I just LOVE it- my three girls playing together in the play kitchen! I am so excited to watch these three play- as sad as I am that Milly is not an infant anymore- I love that they are starting to play!}

{SO proud of herself for playing in the kitchen!}

{I think the best pics are when I shove the children in the back of the car at the carwash- it is the only way to vacuum the carseats- and I lift the window- they love it!}

 {Ellie's buddy Addyson had a princess party- I love "Princess At My Party" it never gets old for the girls- they LOVE it!}

 {The girls were SO excited to go to my Cousin's daughter's wedding this weekend- they love weddings- they get fancy, they get to dance, they get cake, they get to see a bride and groom- and Dave is not excited about this...but they love "THE KISS"}

{This is the ONLY reason Izzy is Elmo this year- she likes that the dress is fuzzy and IT SPINS- she loves to sit like this in it! She was Big Bird last year for the exact same reason- she does not even like Elmo or BB- just the spin dress!} 

There is our recap- Have a GREAT week! 

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