FaLaLaLaLa- Christmas Music!

I have completely switched over to my Christmas playlist- it is so much fun to have Christmas music playing throughout the day! If you missed my favorite worship songs, HERE they are.

This is a list of my favorite Christmas Albums/Songs
- Dara Maclean: Bethlehem Skies (she might be my new favorite! I LOVE "Home"...well, I love them all!)
- Folk Angel: Comfort and Joy (Christmas Songs Volume 3)

Do you ever have the "God bump" moment? It is goose bumps but completely caused by the Holy Spirit on you- when you hear something God has done or something that is unexplainable other than through Jesus Christ- you get goose bumps..or God Bumps! Anyway- I LOVE those times! This song (which is on the Folk angel album) is by Isaac Wimberley- there is a point in the middle of this song where the God bumps are just all over me- you have the listen to the WHOLE thing! Talk about setting the scene for Christmas! Thankful doesn't seem to be a big enough word for how I feel about what Christ did and does for me! HERE is the link in case you cant see the video on here. 

Let me know what your favorites are!

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