Sunday Recap!

This is week 2 of my "Sunday Recap" a little view of some highlights of the week! Hope you had a great week!

{Ellie in her Halloween parade- the only reason why she was a pink power ranger is because her cousins think power rangers are cool- she has no idea what the Power Rangers are}

{I was feeding Milly the other day and I needed to get the other girls fed before school- so Ellie made lunch- she did a GREAT job!}

{Some people might have baby gates- we have Izzy! :) I came out of the bathroom to see this the other day- she was blocking Milly from going down the steps by doing the splits- so funny!}

{Ellie invented her very own "pocket protector" she rigged her candy box up to hold all of her markers- she is constantly coloring so this is perfect! I should figure out a way to make a product out of that...hmmm}

{My sweet girl has been sick for literally a month- cold, ear infection, teeth...you name it! I just love this pic- she was miserable but we were on the fly from one activity to another and she just crashed!}

{"Candy Fest" was a hit- the whole process was so exciting- they picked out 10 pieces of candy and would you know- they only ate 3 or 4 and then had so much fun dancing- they were done! SO glad to have the candy out of the house- but now we have girl scout cookies, ugh!}

 {This is Milly's new favorite treat- she loves beef jerky- she is having a lot of trouble swallowing food with texture- but she just gnaws on this like crazy!}

 {just a couple of funny snapshots from playtime today}

{THIS is what we did all weekend- we have so many leaf pics- I will have to do an entire post of the girls in the leaves- awesome time!}

It's NOVEMBER!!!!!!!! 18 days until Thanksgiving!!! 

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