Sunday Recap!

Here is our Sunday Recap for this week!

{Here is my favorite "playing in the leaves" photo- they had a blast!}

{Izzy made this on the back of her school pic for her Aunty J- I ADORE this pic!!}

{I always want to display the girls school art but I dont want it all over the house- so I have a spot in the garage next to the chalk paint where I pin it up- the girls LOVE it, every time we pull in or out we get to see it!}

{Our cousins came to stay for the weekend- 6 kids under the age of 8- they just love each other! We had a super hero party- they loved it}

 {The boys are serious Superheroes- I made them sit for the picture above and Henley (the oldest) told me that superheroes dont sit for pictures!}

{I got the new Veggie Tales: The League of Incredible Vegetables  movie for them to watch- I was a little nervous because they watch all of the "real" superhero movies and they are funny about watching "kid stuff" but I dont let my girls watch those other movies- so it is always a struggle. HOWEVER...they LOVED it- the boys gave it two thumbs up and said it was the best Veggie Tales movie ever- whew!}

{Of course we needed Ice cream!}

{This is proof that we had 6 children at a restaurant and lived to tell about it :) We were seriously outnumbered- especially because the A&M vs Alabama game was on directly above the booth where Dave had a perfect view- I dont need to elaborate on that!}

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