Sunday Recap

Hello! What a crazy and fun time of year! Before I do my little "recap" I need to tell you- if you are waiting for a response on a sleeping issue- hang in there with me- I am going to take a chunk of time Monday or Tuesday and catch up on those messages! Sorry I am so behind! OK...here is the recap..Have I mentioned how I excited I am for the holidays?!

{This week my mom "cici" took my girls and my niece to shop for Christmas dresses. It is a precious tradition- they go to Von Maur- which has a huge pink "stage" with a 3-way mirror and beautiful dresses. The girls get to pick out any dress they want to try on and they twirl and spin in every one of them! Then, they get to choose their one special dress. It is an amazing blessing that she does this- they LOVE it and LOVE her!} 

{the #1 criteria...THE SPIN!}

{fully checking herself out!}

 {Even Milly got to go!}

{Ellie had an ear infection, she was a trooper! She loved her dress. Our amazing friend Miss Teresa gave the girls these darling headbands with their names on them...they have been wearing them EVERY DAY- they love them!}

{This is a little shot from our home away from home...the doctor's office- we have been in the doctors office every week for the past 6 weeks...we got to go twice this week! It is just silly- they pass everything around and bring it home from school- I think they are currently taking 9 vitamins every morning trying to ward it off. SO tired of sickness!}

{On a happy note- we got to have dinner with our friends on Friday-- we went to a delightful restaurant called Gram & Dun- if you are in the KC area- it is a must go!}

{Me and my man at dinner! That cocktail in the pic was so yummy, it has rosemary in it- YUMMMMM!}

{Mom and Dad took all 6 kids to IHOP on Saturday- they had a blast! Here is dad with Milly and Rivington (my niece)}

{Mom and Dad with all 6- create your own pancakes...amazing!}

{Have you seen this gadget? We found it at the store and thought.. "we need to try this!" It doesn't plug in or anything- it is rubber and you just slip your IPhone in the hole and it makes the volume SO much louder- we can listen to music from my phone in my car- it is LOUD..I am not kidding, it works! It definitely works better on the IPhone than the IPOD for some reason. (I saw them at Walgreens if you need one too!)}

{Finally...we decorated for Christmas this weekend- I couldn't help myself! My mom came to help me because I was at a loss for where to put everything :) It is so festive and fun, I love it! The Christmas music playlist is in full effect, blaring through the house- YEA!! Here is our new doormat!}

There you go- SO excited for Thursday! Happy Thanksgiving! Just a reminder, I am doing a little "favorite things" give away the first week of December, so make sure to follow on Facebook or Twitter   to stay informed! I am REALLY pumped about it!

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