Giveaway Thursday: Gifts for the "Techie"

This is the last day for our giveaway- make sure to enter HERE and share with all of your friends!
{The product I am highlighting today that is in the giveaway is the Marc by Marc Jacobs IPhone case- make sure to enter the giveaway so you can either use this cover on your phone or it would make a fabulous gift for someone who has an IPhone 4 or 4S}

Here are some other fun gift ideas for the "techie" on your list- or really anyone these days! 

{This is awesome- The IPhone 3-in-1 "Olioclip Photo Lens" I would love to have this for my phone $70}

{I think this is fun- mainly for the girls- they would love to use this to talk on the phone- Pop Phone Handset}

{This Areaware Alarm Dock is fun- I love all of the color options}

{This Backup Battery for Iphone or IPad is awesome- 92 Hours of extra charge would really come in handy!}

{These gloves would come in handy- heaven forbid we cant text in the cold!! :) Actually this would come in handy for the camera on the phone on cold days too! $11.99}

{I love this "tablet cover" Marc by Marc Jacobs Take Me Embo Dots $138}

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