It's Delightful: First Snow Day!

It is the first snow day of the year here- this will be the only time I sound excited about this fact and probably the only time I do a full post on snow! :) I just loved this day- the first day of snow and the first day of winter break- God orchestrated it perfectly! The only bummer was we were supposed to have our buddies over for a little: Christmas movie, Christmas cookie decorating, Christmas craft party- the roads were so bad that they couldn't come and Milly is a little sick girl- so it just didn't work! However...we did all of the above on our own. Here is our recap- such a fun day!

{This is what we woke up to- delightful as long as you don't have to drive...sorry Dave!}

{Of course, one of the best parts is the ambiance- I do love a good cozy ambiance- Christmas candle lit, Christmas music playing ALL day, Fire lit, cozy clothes on, coffee in hand all day long...perfect!}

{This started at 8am (with 40mph winds out there) can we go outside, please, can we go out...and on and on! So when Milly went down for her morning nap...we ventured out!}

{the gear...it takes forever to prepare- but we are warm as can be!}

{She has had it in her mind that she was going to tag me with a snow ball for weeks- don't think for one second I made that easy on her! :) }

{Her sister had the same idea!}

{"sledding" down the driveway!}

{The snow angels are a big deal!}

{Mama found the shovel- I am certain that if you don't ever hire anyone to do any house work- you do not need a gym- cleaning, shoveling snow, laundry, sweeping...all great work outs! I am sore from this "activity"!}

{pure joy!}

{We then came in and decorated our sugar cookies- Ellie is very thoughtful and creative with each cookie- on the other hand...}

{...Izzy likes to eat the icing and make the biggest mess possible!}

{Ellie's cookies!}

That was our day- I think we will go drive and look at Christmas lights tonight- I LOVE this time of year- I will be in mourning January 2! 

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