Sunday Recap: Memory Verse and Our Years with Santa!

I wanted to share our memory verse for this week- if we get it done before Christmas, we will work on Luke 2 a bit more! 

{Here it is on our garage chalk wall: Luke 2:10-11}

{While I am at it- look how our "art wall" is growing (in the garage) the whole family loves it- the girls get to see all of their art (my nephews even have a picture up there) and we get to see it...and it is not cluttering up the house!}

We have had quite a ride with Santa! I wanted to give those of you who have "screamers" hope.....here is our story! 

{Ellie in 2007}

{Ellie in 2008}

{This year was too good not to share 2 pics!}

{Ellie and Izzy 2009- Daddy is holding Ellie's hand- which is the only reason she is standing there}

{Ellie and Izzy 2010- Ellie pulled through but Izzy Freaked!}

{Still 2010}

{2011- they would not go near him!}

{We had to stand in the picture to get a picture with him- Milly was 2 weeks old- notice Izzy clinging for her life and Ellie's face is priceless!}

{2012....We were so blessed to go to a private event at the Sprint Center and it was AMAZING! They decorated cookies, Santa came in on a serious jet powered sleigh, Santa Read to them, etc.. Awesome! Excuse the dark pics- but here they are...}

{Milly got a bell from Santa}


{She even told him what she wanted "just a teddy bear- mom and dad are in charge of getting me a real guitar" oh goodness!}

{Telling Santa what she wants "drums and a trumpet"}

{ALL Smiles!}

{We will see what next year holds- but this year...Perfect!}

{The whole crew! (sorry for the fuzzy- of course they have us hard copies!)_}

There you go- we love Santa this year!!! Merry Christmas!


  1. This looks so fun! Glad you had a good Santa experience this year. Faith has no interest in going this year, but I hope to change her mind:) That sleigh looks amazing!

    1. Hi Sarah! the sleigh was out of control! hope she goes- I actually was kind of hoping we could skip after the years of drama :) glad we went! See you soon!

  2. Jenica, the photos of your beautiful girls through the years are priceless! The elf was a great addition, I think! LOVE your posts, as always!


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