Sunday Recap

Hi! First of all- make sure to enter my "Favorite Things" giveaway- HERE, you can enter until Friday. Each day this week I am going to take an item and tell you about some related gifts that I have found! Before I do that..it is time for the Sunday Recap! I couldn't skip it this week since it was such a big week! Milly turned One on Friday in case you are dying to look back on her journey- here are some posts from her pregnancy and birth {Pregnancy, Name, Birth and Home}. We had a fun party today with family- I did a simple little Rainbow theme (Ellie and Izzy's choice) here is the recap- "see" you tomorrow!

{I always like "decor" pics- rainbow is an easy theme- I just purchased rainbow colors of everything}

{If I had a bit more time, energy and cash flow I would have done a full fruit and veggie tray in sections of red, orange, yellow, etc.. instead I just did lemons and limes in the water!}

{The smash cake- I love her "you are special" plate- our sweet Aunty J gave that to the girls}

{The cakes- I usually make all white- I am not a fan of artificial color- but when doing a rainbow theme it is impossible to avoid!}

{The Fam- Izz just woke up before this pic- yes it is Dec 2 and my girls were wearing short sleeves and no shoes- it was 70 degrees- amazing!!}

{Cici and Pops with all 6 kids}

 {The Smash cake}

{going to town on the cake! Artwork on the front of the highchair courtesy of Ellie! }

{Learning to open gifts!}

{She had PLENTY of help!}

 {These monkeys were having as much fun (or more) than the B-day girl!}

{She is in love with her new bitty baby!}

{Some of our guests, photo courtesy of Ellie!}

There you go! I am nuts about my little 1 year old- you are going to be sick of party pics- we have Christmas, then Izzy's birthday in January and Ellie in February- whew! 


  1. Jenica,
    I love the pictures! The sweetest one is Milly admiring her new American Girl Bitty Baby!! How sweet! Ron & Cindy look great! I saw Gene in there also!
    Love to you all!


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