Sunday Recap!

Where do I even begin on this Sunday Recap? So many things happening...so here you go!

{The girls on Christmas Eve- this face is fitting for Milly- she is such an ornery girl- in the most delightful way!}

{Our little fam on Christmas eve- I dont just LOVE this picture- but it is literally the ONLY one we have of us from Christmas!}

{I am VERY proud of these little numbers- Dave's family has passed this shortbread recipe down through generations and since my Mother-in-law passed away, it is up to us to keep it going- this was my first stab! NOW...it is supposed to be passed down through the men making them- however in an effort to get them done 1) quickly 2) without a huge mess and 3) successfully...I made them THIS TIME!}

 {I snapped this- just out of bed and walking downstairs to spy Santa's loot!} 

{It was a musical instrument Christmas- flute, trumpet, bongos, saxophone, drums, guitar, recorders AND the band in a box for Milly! Our house is LOUD!}

{My mom had Pneumonia for the 5 or so days leading up to Christmas- so we were extremely blessed they got to come over for Christmas morning!}

{First performance on the stage! Ellie's godparents gave them the drums, guitar and bongos-They are WAY better than Santa at gifts!!! We are so blessed!}

{I saw this several times on Christmas (well...every day) Ellie just scoops Milly up and shows her hot to work the toys- it is adorable!}

{This is the perfect shot of Milly- totally oblivious to the gift opening- just playing with a toy we have had for several years and content doing so!}

{All is better when Daddy is home- I am going to be in FULL mourning when he goes back to 60+hours a week! When he leaves Milly just crawls around the house yelling.."DAD" we will all have to adjust!"}

{The girls got to purchase a gift for each other- love their wrapping and the heart they put into the gifts!}

{Papa stayed with us for 6 days- in town from AZ- he has early stages of Alzheimer's so we felt really blessed that he got to travel here! The girls LOVE him!}

{Of course...Santa was good to me too! (you always get exactly what you want when you go to the store, try on clothing and place it on hold under your spouses name- then tell your spouse that they have a 24 hour hold policy!! These are my Baldwin Camos- Just me and Jay Z...rockin' the Baldwin Camo!}

{I also got the Baldwin Andi- Boyfriend jeans- I LOVE them...can you tell I have been pregnant or recovering from pregnant for a long time..I needed pants in a serious way!}

Moving on from Christmas!

{I dont know if your Baby's R Us has this deal, but all of the Gerber Organic and Plum packets are 20 for $20- that is for sure the cheapest I have found them! I was at Target earlier and they have them for $1.75 each- so- hit up B.R.U if you are in the "packet phase"- this is my pantry below- we are stocked!}

{We successfully memorized our verse in Luke- now we have moved on to this one (on our garage chalk wall below) in Joshua- you are welcome to join us!}

Thats a "wrap"...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2013 is going to be DELIGHTFUL!!!!!!!!


  1. So glad Dave's dad was able to come out and visit! I sure do miss you guys! Will you be out for Spring Break again this year?

    1. hi! yes- we will let you know when we come for sure! Happy New Year!

  2. Love your dad in Baldwin camo on Christmas too!


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