Valentine's Day Party!

Hi! I am checking in quickly- I am whipped today..and I will tell you why! We hosted Ellie's Daisy Scout troop at our home for the February meeting (20 girls)- this included a Valentine's Day Tea party where we focused on manners, etc.. As someone who lasted for only a moment in "Brownies" this is a parenting moment when you say- "just because it wasn't my deal...doesn't mean she wont love it!" She is really blessed with fun leaders and fun girls- so I am glad that she likes it! It turned out pretty cute- here are some pics for you (I did not do the food- but they did a darling job on that!!)! Of course, once the girls arrived the pics were slim- Milly wanted to be held the whole time and 20 5&6 year olds is intense!!!

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