Sunday Recap: Izzy's 4th Birthday Party!

Well, we have completed our 5th Princess Party in our family- I must admit- I am sick of princesses! :) But...with 3 girls- they are not going anywhere- so Princess Party #5 happened last night! We did "Princess at My Party" again (see our Ariel Party HERE) Izzy has been dreaming about her Princess party since Ellie had one last year. She even followed "Repunzel" out the door at a friends party and made sure she knew to come over on January 15 for her birthday! SO.. we did the Belle party! I was determined to not use any "Disney Princess" marketing materials- just a yellow party in honor of Belle! (we did do 1 large princess balloon at Izzy's request!). SO...Here you go- Izzy's 4th birthday!

{First of all, can I just say that it is a) torture and b) not very effective to give up all dessert 12 days before you make a lot of birthday cake- I didn't even get to taste and see if it was good! (in case you don't know about my GOAL) Anyway...I did one layer of lemon and one layer of vanilla- when I went to stack the vanilla- it broke apart- here is how I glued it back together- big mess!}

{This is how it turned out- everyone said it was yummy- I cannot tell you if it was or not!! Dave is usually honest about those things and he loved it!}

{I had this thought- to put pictures of Izzy throughout her life on the end of balloons and have that as the entrance to the party- here they are hanging down}

{By the time the guests arrived this is more of how it looked- not how I expected- but it was fun for the kids- I did 33 of them- mainly because there is a helium shortage and they would not give me more}

{Here are the cups- I was so excited to get the mason jars with the lids- I found the Mason Jars HERE, Lids HERE, Straws HERE, and the girls all loved the rings- when you twist them they light up- get them HERE}

{I just did disposable place mats and wrote the names on them}

{There was some freedom in just doing cake and ice cream- I don't know why I always try to do food- the kids just want the cake! Of course we needed red roses for Belle!}

 {Lemonade for the yellow party}

{You know I have a thing for flavored water- lemon and cucumber were the "flavors of the day"}

{The sisters}

{Our little family!}

{Izz got to have Birthday Breakfast with Cici and Pops}

{Opening the treasure chest with Belle}

{Belle telling a story- Izzy LOVED sitting on "stage" with Belle! Of course my EXTREMELY talented friend Maggie (LilyCole Designs) made the birthday banner!}

{Blowing out her candle!}


{She did not want her face painted- so she went with a diamond ring on the hand!}

{Cici got to be in charge of the treasure chest again- she is an expert by now!}

{The whole crew!}

{Hugging Belle!}

{Meanwhile, this is all Milly wanted to do- just cruise on her car- she could care less about Belle- she might just be the one to avoid the princess parties!?!}

{I dont know...what do you think? I might get off the "princess hook" with this one- not impressed! hahaa!}

There you go- a complete recap! Tuesday is the big day- so I am sure we will have many parties to come!


  1. Jenica, Izzy's princess party was phenomenal! It looks like Izzy really enjoyed her special birthday! The girl who played Belle looked just like Belle! :-) I am going to use your Mason jar glass idea - I love that!

  2. When you found out Millie was a girl I texted Dave that one of them was bound to be a soccer player - maybe Millie will have a soccer party. :) I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  3. What fun, glad she had a good birthday! Love the mason jar lids, I am going to bookmark that page!

  4. Sooooo so fun! Love all of the details, jenica! Just precious! Happy birthday lil Izzy!


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