Sunday Recap!

Hi! Here is a quick little "Recap" of the week- I am a little burnt out this week- trying to get back in the swing- hopefully I will get caught up this week!

{The official birthday happened on Tuesday- she wore her tiara and wand at breakfast...well everywhere! She was in Birthday mode!}

{this is friendship- our buddies met us for donuts before school on her actual birthday- it is hard enough to get to school on time- and not only did our buddies meet us, they beat us there! Izz loved her donuts with Coco!}

 {I was cherishing my sleeping babies this week- is there anything better?!?}

{My 2013 book came this week! I love my Mac Book Pro- one of the main reasons is iPhoto and the ability to make these beautiful books in no time!}

{We officially have one from every year since Ellie was born!}

{My Grandma gave this to Izzy for her birthday- she journaled in a PrayerWithPurpose: Passionate Prayers for Children book- every page filled out! She is going to cherish that! She did a PrayerWithPurpose: 90 Days of Prayer for Your Unborn Child journal for Milly during my pregnancy and I have a feeling Ellie will get one soon too :) I am going to cherish them too- I love seeing her handwriting and thoughts on all of those pages! }

 Have a fabulous week!

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