Educational Apps for Preschool and Elementary School Ages

I reached a point recently where I decided to evaluate the iPad. My girls love the iPad but I don't believe we have been intentional about the apps that are loaded for them to use. I am all about an occasional dress up game- but that was all my girls were doing on there. I started doing research on the best- FUN- educational apps and we found so many good ones! We have had them loaded up for a couple of weeks and I have been extremely impressed by the things the kids have learned and how much they love the new "games". I find that they choose these new educational games more often than the Barbie or Fancy Nancy apps- which is awesome! It was well worth the small investment- I wish I had done this sooner...before Kindergarten!

First, we do have guidelines for the iPad and I thought I would share them with you:
1. The iPad does not dine with us. On an extreme rare occasion I will throw it in the bag if I know we are attending a meal where they will be expected to sit longer than is fair to them.
2. They do not have free rein of OUR iPad, we choose to let them use it and it can be taken away at any time.
3. It does not belong in bedrooms, it is to be used in "public" space.
4. It is to be shared or not used- no fighting over the iPad.
5. The "parent" apps are off limits- in case you don't know about the restrictions- go to "settings" "restrictions" and you can set it up accordingly.

 OK...Here are our new fabulous finds!

FUN and EDUCATIONAL APPS for Preschool and Elementary School

{Bugs and Numbers: this is the favorite, thy learn math without knowing that they are learning math!}

{Stack the States: this requires parental assistance for kids before they can read- but I love playing this with the girls and they LOVE it!}

{22 Learn Sight Words Game: I wish I would have had this before Kindergarten!}

{Teach Me: Kindergarten - they also have Toddler, 1st grade, 2nd grade, etc.. again, I wish I had this BEFORE Kindergarten!  Ellie's teacher actually told me about this one!}

{Kids Maps: great for all ages}

{Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games- dont be fooled, it is not free- but worth the $$)}

{The ABC's of God- this is good for my 4 year old- learning to write letters}

I would LOVE to know what your favorites are! I am getting ready for a solo flight with the 3 girls and need a few surprises in the bag! 

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