Lent 2013: Preparing for Easter

It is that time of year again...Lent! It makes me so excited to think about it because a) I love Easter...He HAS RISEN! and b) bring on SPRING!!!

This year Lent starts on Wednesday, February 13 and ends on Saturday, March 30- so you can mark your calendar!

I have posted a lot of things about Easter in the past few years: recipes, movie ideas, easter basket ideas,  a Holy Week schedule of events, etc..Check them out HERE (or below).  I also always do a post about what I give up for lent (I GIVE UP and GIVE IT UP). I will remind you that as a non-denominational follower of Christ, I am not "required" to give anything up- it is not part of my church teaching that is is mandatory. HOWEVER, I love the tradition that every year for 6 or so weeks I can give something up (sacrifice) that will be a daily reminder to thank God for his ultimate sacrifice of His son. I try to do something that is not in some way selfish- like chocolate or refined sugar- that might be great for some people- but in my deepest heart that would be a sacrifice... but it would also help me shed a few pounds at the same time! (and as you all know- I already gave up desert for the year!) The past two years I have given up social media- it is awesome- it reminds me EVERY MINUTE to thank the Lord and it is so nice to "reset" my "checking in"- it can get out of control. However, this year I can't give that up entirely because the company I work for asks that I manage their social media. I have been thinking a lot about what I want to give up this year- and it is going to be...... Shopping. Other than groceries, diapers or hygiene essentials, I am not going to shop. No online browsing, no sneaking in to my favorite shop for a little "something"- it is going to take organization- I have 3 days to purchase all of the birthday gifts for the next 6 weeks and then no more! I think it will be challenging for me- but I am excited for the reminder to Praise the Lord for his amazing sacrifice! As usual, I will say, Lent is a great time to practice integrity (doing what I say I am going to do even when no one is looking) and show the girls integrity! This will be good for them too- "sorry girls, we cant go shopping because mommy made a commitment!" I am excited! Ok- here are some of my favorite Easter posts- Have a great week!

Here are 10 of my favorite Easter Posts: (feel free to Pin!)
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10. Of course...I Give Up and Give it Up are my posts about what I do for Lent!

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