Let's Take a Vote!!!

Hi friends! DMS is getting a makeover- so excited about it! I have been looking at Design Seeds- which is a delightful website- to pick a new "palate". There are over 300 pages of ideas and I have narrowed it to 10! SO, I thought I would ask you- who are precious enough to look at this site- to vote! You can just comment below and let me know which option (1-10) you like the best! I am excited to hear what you think and even more excited to get rolling on the makeover (it wont be completed until May/June, so don't get too excited!)! Thank you for your help!  {voting ends Wednesday 2/27/13}












  1. So hard they are all so pretty! I like # 5 the best!

  2. That's so many to choose from! I guess number 5 is the best, but I also like 2 and 10.

  3. My vote goes to 1, 3, or 7. :)

  4. 5 is my favorite, but I like 3 also.

  5. I love number three...so bright and happy!

  6. #3 (b/c red is my fav color). Then #5. :-)

  7. My favorite is number THREE!! I also love number TWO!


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