Sunday Recap

Hi- I just need to say- I am stuffed from the Super Bowl food! I cant tell you one play of the game but I can tell you that I blew an entire week of good eating in one night! Here is a tiny recap! Have a great week!

{If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen this- the girls love to watch our wedding video- Thursday marks the big 9! Every year I try to get Dave to watch it and he falls asleep- thank the Lord for little girls who love to snuggle up and watch with me!}

{See that little girl in the green dress at the front of the gym? That is my big girl, Ellie- she was chosen as one of the kids in the whole school to get the gratitude award! So fun! We were so excited to go see her accept her award!}

{I am probably giving my children some sort of complex of celebrating good things with food- but if you get the gratitude award you definitely deserve the Strawberry Shortcake at Cheesecake Factory!}

{Our memory verse for the week- feel free to join us!}

{My new favorite Sunday Morning breakfast I have been making: (in this order) Hash brown (frozen from Trader Joes), hot sauce or salsa, sausage or bacon, Eggs (scrambled or fried), a little melted cheese and topped with avocado or guacamole SO DELICIOUS!!!}

{These are the sole reason why I have not had trouble giving sweets up- so satisfying, yummy and nutritious- my husband loves grabbing these on his way out the door in the morning- they really fill you up!
- walnuts
- coconut
- carob chips or dark chocolate chips
- Cocoa Nibs (see info HERE)
- Ground flaxseed (See info HERE)
- Vanilla Protein Powder
- Peanut Butter (I like natural (nothing but peanuts in the ingredients) creamy)
*mash together (I use my hands) and scoop with an ice cream scoop- freeze and grab on the go! 

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  1. I am going on 3.5 years of marriage and I have never watched our wedding video! I will soon though!


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