Sunday Recap

WOAH- what a week! It started like any other week and then BAM, Wednesday I was literally floored with the stomach flu (or Norovirus- either way!), around 12:00am Thursday, Ellie woke up with it, 1:00am Dave was down with it and 8:00am Izzy woke up with it! An entire home filled with sick, vomiting, etc.. people- it was a nightmare! Praise Almighty God he answered our prayers and Milly did not get the vomiting part- He did say He would never give us more than we can handle...and that might have pushed me over the edge! I am not sure how a mom is supposed to be extremely ill and still take care of the family and still wash 20+ loads of soiled laundry and take care of a 14 month-old who doesn't understand "rest" or "leave mommy alone to puke" :) HOWEVER...WE ARE MOMS!!! We just do it- not gracefully (in my case)...but we do it! SO, we are on the other side now- Praise God- and here is a tiny recap of the week! So glad this is a new week! Oh...and our 9th Anniversary was this week, but you will not see any pics of that because...it was Thursday- enough said, haahaa!

{Poor sweet girl- I have never seen her so sick! However, even sick she was still trying to take care of me- she has such a mercy heart}

{I mean....I do a lot of laundry but this week was insane- literally 20+ loads of sheets, towels, etc.. that were "infected" so glad that is over!!}

MOVING ON...................... 
 {I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought I would do a version myself- Ellie and I started a journal to each other- it is supposed to be top secret and it is supposed to be once a day or so- however with Ellie it is totally not secret and she would like to do it 1000 times a day! SO, I write her a note or little encouragement and hide it under her pillow and she writes me back and hides it under mine. It is my new favorite thing! AND, it helps her with her writing and reading- of course I slip words in that we are working on. Here is one of her notes to me- }

{Milly has started doing this face- I mean, all of the time! I think is it so funny I thought I would give you a full spectrum of "the face"}

HAAHAAA dont you just love it!!! So excited for this week- we are jammed: Parent/Teacher conferences, Ellie's school open house, Valentine's Day parties, Ellie's School B-day Party, family B-day party and Friend B-day party, playdates- I am sleepy just thinking about this week- but BLESSED to be out of bed and all feeling well! Have a DELIGHTFUL week!

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