Sunday Recap

What a week! Here is a little recap!

{On Tuesday we took cookie cake in for Ellie's birthday at school- she loved having us there!}

{Here is her cake and table set up- she made the balloons on it!}

{On Tuesday night we went to an open house at Ellie's school- they had a lot of stuff on the walls for us to see. This is one of them- "What breaks your heart" most kids said "when my brother hits me" Ellie said "When my dad has to leave the house" Ripped Dave's heart out!}

{This girl......Love her!}

{My man did good this year! My Anniversary/Valentine's Day gift- Isn't she lovely?!}

{Dave asked the girls to put on fancy dresses (which they loved) and he took us all to dinner on Valentine's Day!}

{Ellie got to design her Birthday cake- that was a big deal for me to release control (I of course had a delightful little design in mind) but she did a great job!}

{Friday night we had our family party- Uncle Matt and Aunt Emmy came with the kids}

 {Cici and Pops spoiled her- they went on a date to breakfast and then she got to pick out a "Just Like Me" American Girl doll- she is in heaven!}

{My chix!}

{Dave and his girls!}

 {Ellie had her friend party (that is right, this is party #3 of the week, sheesh!) She wanted chips, Gatorade, cupcakes and ice cream. We had the party at the rec. center and did gymnastics. Her whole class was invited and we had literally 5 minutes to set up- so this is the mess of the table- kind of nice not to be able to "go all out"!}

{the cupcakes I made for the party}

 {The party!}

{So grateful Cici and Pops came to play with Milly and party!}

{We played "Freeze Dance" they LOVED it}

{Gymnastics was fun!}

{LOVE this girl- cant believe she is 6!}

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  1. Some really lovely family photos here! Thank you for sharing with us!

    Zoe xxx


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