There are times in my own little mommy bubble that I need a major dose of perspective. I am caught up in all of my "stuff" and BAM, the Lord shows me something that puts it all in perspective! I thought maybe some of you could gain encouragement from my "moment"- I am SO extremely far from perfect and I am so grateful for who I am in God, because aside from Him I am a GIANT MESS! So, here is what I learned! 
I have had a bear of a month- all three kids with 1 or 2 rounds of stomach flu, sinus infections, Dave and I have had it all too, Dave has been gone for most of it- which has made for a tired mom (PMS hasn't helped either if I am honest!) We got a blizzard- well 2 rounds of that, so we have not been outside (I am going to blame Seasonal Affective Disorder in a tiny way, ha!). I have been doing pretty well- but I hit a wall this week- I just HAD ENOUGH- 3 whiny kids, Milly won't let me set her down and is just extra whiny and clingy, no play dates because everyone is scared of our germs, etc.. I had a little melt down yesterday and frankly...a big pity party! If I am continuing to be honest- I have been making my friends miserable too by whining to them about it! I have dragged all three kids to the doctors office in the snow more times than I know- I was beginning to think- "this is just more than I can handle Lord, I am sick, tired and need a BREAK"! THEN...I had a moment today and was on Facebook and found this family's story, randomly- https://www.facebook.com/MiracleRyker- the Lord must have placed it in front of me to say- "JENICA, are you kidding me?" This baby boy has been in the hospital for a year and finally got to go home and the mom posted this, "After 11 months, 4 days, 4 open heart surgeries, 1 intestinal surgery, 8 cardiac caths, 50+ echoes, 1 horrifying cardiac arrest, 3 days on ECMO, 6 broviac lines, 2 blood stream infections, 11 CICU bed spaces, 7 Recovery Floor bed spaces, & more blood draws than I would ever like to count!! Our Beautiful, Strong & Extremely Brave Baby is HOME surrounded by the love & comfort of his own Family!! I am so emotional & without words over all that has come with today & beyond ecstatic for my sweet boy to FINALLY be outside those walls & also for my girls to have the long deserved time with their baby brother!". 
As I scrolled down I saw a picture of the mom (who has 4 other kids it appears) snuggling with her baby on the couch for the first time and said how she has been wanting that for a year- she has not been able to snuggle with her baby boy for a year and I am crying around because mine wont let me sit her down?! I know there are a million stories like this- our friend Emily had a baby who literally wasn't supposed to make it a day- but they trusted the Lord and that baby girl is one day younger than Milly- many, many heart surgeries later..but strong and alive! 
I just think, as mom's we all need a healthy dose of perspective now and then- I get wrapped up in the bubble and worry about things that do not matter and get overwhelmed and stressed by things that would be amazing blessings to others. I bet Ryker's mom would be pumped to snuggle with him all day because his teeth hurt or take him to a 15-month well child check or have to give him a little Motrin in the morning for his pain instead of 40+ shots a day, etc.. 
SO..the blessing is, our God lets us start fresh every day- after crying my eyes out and apologizing to the Lord and my girls for being so nasty this week- I am starting FRESH! I am so grateful for healthy children, I am so grateful that I am healthy, I am so grateful that Dave is willing to work long hours to provide for us, I am so grateful I have a warm house we can stay in when it is cold and snowy, I am extremely grateful for snuggle time and I am massively grateful for a creator who listens to my whining and crying and still loves me, has patience with me, forgives me and lets me start fresh with a clean slate....and puts a fresh perspective in front of my face to remind me how extremely blessed I am! 
To those of you who have sick or special needs babies, I am in awe of your strength and perseverance! 

Thanks for listening- to my girlfriends who have heard me whine this week- I am sorry you have had to listen to me! Thanks for humoring me! I am not going to lie- it is always more fun to post about products or recipes- but there you go- a little authentic "stuff" for today! 
Is it spring yet?!!!! 


  1. It must be God working all over in many hearts at the same time. Glad I'm not the only one having a meltdown, needing forgiveness, and learning to be thankful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I needed this today. Such a good reminder. Thank you!


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