Spring Dump!

Even if the weather in most of the country isn't agreeing- IT IS SPRING!! We are blessed to be in Scottsdale, AZ and it has been the most perfect, amazing weather! I am a new person getting outside and having the girls outside- however, it is snowing back home- so I will get back to reality soon! Here are some things I am excited about for the spring:

{Of course- the people in Scottsdale always have the new "thing" and I saw someone cruising on one of these- AMAZING! The StreetStrider (an elliptical bike!)- I would LOVE one of these (I am not a bike person) They also have them for kids- I need to save the pennies!}

{When I got pregnant with Ellie 7 years ago, there were very few stroller options (we did the Bugaboo and it was the best)- I do not know how I would make the decision now- there are so many delightful options! I saw a mom in Scottsdale with this stroller- awesome! I have no idea how it functions since I haven't used one- but it looks so cool! Quinny }

{I am so proud of my brother, he was just named one of GQ's 2013 "Best New Menswear Designers in America" You can now purchase the men's and women's jeans online at Baldwin Denim- I am not just saying this because he is my brother- the jeans are truly my favorites- I can wear them 10+times without washing and they never lose their shape- they dont get baggy like other jeans which I love! more info HERE}

{I love the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick (my friend Christina introduced me to them and I might have a little "problem" with collecting them. They came out with a new spring color "Rose Gold" I LOVE it!!! I am saving up for "Orchid" the other new color! Previously my favorite color was "Amethyst.}

{Do you know about Disney shoes? The Disney Store has the best shoes for little girls- and not bad pricing. My girls are obsessed and can be seen anywhere wearing Rapunzel high heels or Merida gladiator sandals- and we LOVE the flip flops ($7.50 each and SO cute!) Check it out HERE-if you are looking for a gift for a little girl- they have darling things- shoes, bags, sunglasses, etc... }

{I have two new favorite spring Nail polishes- Essie e-nuf is e-nuf and OPI Suzy is Hungary Again. I also tried "My Vampire is Buff" by OPI for my nails and I like it a lot- it is one of those that is best if a professional puts it on because it has a lot of "pigment"}

{ I am excited to try these colors}
Dior 'Cherie Bow' Rosy Bow

Dior Gris Trianon 

{HOWEVER...that all being said my #1 favorite nail color is always...Essie muchi muchi- just the best!}

{I am a LOYAL Dior Show Blackout mascara fan, I have tried them ALL..literally! And no one can compete with Dior Show Blackout...for me! However, I must admit that I ran out of my mascara and decided to venture out and try the NEW Dior Show "new look" I do love it- I will have to say...it is DELIGHTFUL!}
{Finally, I have decided on my "color of the season" I know everyone is obsessed with the "mint" color and neon pink and orange, or corals- but for me....yellow! I also have a thing for stripes right now!}

Do you have any spring favorites?

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