Sunday Recap!

Here is a tiny recap of the week- Hope you all have a great week!

 {First of all, I am happy to announce that this giant pile of snow is ALMOST gone- we have had SO much snow this past month and we can officially see the grass- Praise the Lord!}

{This is a picture of us one week ago- on a happy drive to my hometown! We were staying with friends and at 12am Milly started throwing up- so we made the call to get the germs out of their house and head home- we arrived at 3:30am- that is how our week started!}

{Milly discovered the drums this week- she loves them!}

{I took all three girls for their yearly Doctor appointments this week- 6yr, 4yr and 15 month- 2 HOURS of the 4 of us in a room! Started like this...}

{And at any given moment...switched to this! I looked a little like Milly!}

{We had a playdate with Ellie's class- notice how many girls are in this pic! There was another girl there- but Ellie was just fine to be the only girl in the pic- we are in for it!}

{It is official, I am a "Soccer Mom"- Ellie is all geared up! She will start after Spring Break! She is so excited! (yes, we are missing the socks and the jersey)}

{I got to have a date with Dave this weekend- it was much needed!} 

{This is what my room looked like today- packing 4 girls for 14 days makes for a lot of stuff! I am proud to say I got it al in 2 bags!} 

That is a wrap! Have I mentioned how excited I am for spring....VERY excited!

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