12 Great Mom Links!

I have read so many fun articles lately (and found so many fun "links")! I know the internet can get a little overwhelming for a mom- Pinterest is telling me to say 40 things to my girls every night, read 104 books to them before they are age 5, people are telling me I am a great mom for scheduling my girls, people are telling me I should go to jail for scheduling my girls, there are millions of "pins" telling me how to make holidays more crafty and extravagant, apparently I should be using coconut oil for...everything, my children need a green smoothie, red smoothie and orange smoothie every day, and on and on! As crazy and overwhelming as it all is- I think we are blessed to be raising our kids with such a fun community of moms across the world. There are so many wise women writing GOOD STUFF on the internet and I thought I would share some of my new favorite articles/links with you! If you have favorites- share away!

12 Great Mom Links:
1. In Defense of the iPhone Mom
2. 46 Reasons My Three Year Old Might be Freaking Out- HILARIOUS!!
3. Reasons my Son is Crying- this is great!
4. The girls love this..so do I: Flash Mob
5. My friend Jai wrote this- On Being a Mom - love it!
6. What to Say and Do for Young Moms 
7. This article Sadness and Madness is great about Rick Warren's son- perfect- Pray for their family!
8. 10 Parenting Rules to Live By - this is nice and simple!
9. 7 Things to Pray for Your Children
10. Babble Best Toys of 2013
11. 50 Parenting Ideas You Wont Regret
12. 7 Things We Must Tell Them (girls)

Finally, I have no idea where this came from (Pinterest) but it is a great reminder!

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