A BIG Reunion Week!

This is such an exciting week! For those of you who do not know, Dave and I met while working at the White House in 2002. The Lord provided us with that amazing opportunity and it was a time we will never forget. I look back and I am so blessed by the life experiences we were able to have while in DC and especially at the White House. SO, this week we get to go to the ribbon cutting celebration/reunion for the George W. Bush Center (his Presidential library)! All of the living Presidents will be there, so that will be neat. The most exciting part is, we get to see all of our friends who we experienced that awesome moment of time with and catch up on TOO MANY years away from them! SO, I thought I would give you a TINY snapshot at our time in DC- that was before IPhones, so a lot of the pictures were GASP..printed and scanned on the computer!!! I also need to discuss some fashion choices with you throughout this post (I also have a bit of hair ADD you will notice!)

{Dave and I in front of the White House- Can I point out my horrible necklace choice? I believe I took a silver necklace and attached one of those detachable flowers from my "hollywould" shoes and thought that was a good idea? goodness!}

{Dave and I both worked in offices under Karl Rove- some people would have chosen a suit for an occasion like this- apparently I thought a pink button down would be a great idea!}

{I am a big fan!}

{Secretary Powell happened to be in the office during my picture with Secretary Rice- so..ok! :)}

{Secretary Evans- we all loved him- and he happened to be one of my FAVORITE friend's uncle- bonus! Again, not sure about the turtleneck choice...but ok!}

{Dave with the President- Dave is the kind of person who believes politicians can truly make a difference and impact the country for good- he loves all of it!}
{My parents came to visit a lot- here we are with a cherry blossom tree on the balcony}

{My roommate Molly (left) and her sister/my sweet adopted sister Kate- thank goodness Kate came to intern for me while I was planning the wedding- I think she was better at my job than I was, so my boss didn't mind me being off in a cloud! I am SO stinkin' excited to see these two!!!}

{AWWW love these guys- cant wait to see them! These were my co-workers- Katy (front left) hired me and was one of my bridesmaids- she will be getting a MAJOR squeeze since I haven't seen her in 8 years!!!!!}

{More fun friends I cant wait to see- (try not to lose me with all of my different hair colors!)}

{Our Christmas Party picture with Vice President and Mrs. Cheney- notice how we were color coordinated!}

 {One of our pictures with President and Mrs. Bush- Mrs. Bush is stunning always!}

{This is before President Bush left on Marine One- it was always fun to bring people to those events!}

{Ok- I have a choice here..I could tell you how highly important this brief was to the President- OR...I could be honest! I did get to brief the President once, it was for a celebrity photo op and he was basically saying to me "why are you in here?" and I was trying to brief him very professionally and he just said "well, bring him in". BUT..isn't this a cool photo! Haahaa}
 {This is in my little apartment in NYC when Dave dropped me off after 2 WEEKS of marriage! I moved to NYC to do the convention and he stayed in DC to do the President's reelection campaign. I am pretty sure I was crying my eyes out after this picture!}

{But...all worth it! This was the victory speech after the 2004 election!}

I can hardly wait to jump on that plane and see everyone and catch up on years of being away! I have never been to a high school reunion (nor will I ever go- long story!) But this reunion...I wouldn't miss it! I am SURE you will receive a serious recap after our week- I will try to take some fun pics! That is everything you ever wanted to know about that I am sure!!!


  1. Wow Jenica! I had no idea you had such an exciting former life pre-kids! What an amazing experience and I hope you really enjoy your time re-living old times :) And thanks for sharing your old pics, makes me feel better about mine!

  2. Jenica, I LOVE these photos!! And I so loved the Bush Administration and that era in our government. It is so exciting that you will get to reunite with your co-workers after all these years! I hope you & Dave have a wonderful time!


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