DIY Nails//Go-to Nail Polish Colors!

I am a DIYer on my nails- I LOVE a good mani/pedi but the thought of paying $25 (or more) for a manicure and looking down at a chipped nail 24 hours later makes me crazy! I have tried acrylics, gels, you name it, but I am just a fan of natural, painted nails! SO, I do my nails, they aren't perfect but I do love to have painted nails. Here are a couple of my favorite products for my nails (in order of when I use them in my "mani process"- I have tried A LOT of products, but if you have any you like- let me know..always looking for something new:

{First, I have tried a lot of different removers- I don't think the remover matters a lot- I tried this "removal process" I found on Pinterest- it seems to be genius for a lot of people based on the "re-pins" I did not love it for me- I had little cotton ball pieces everywhere and it was just too involved- I like to remove the polish and buff off any discoloration- but check it out...might be great for you! Then I clip my nails- I like them short and "manageable"- no stabbing the children with the nails please! Then I file them- short and square. For a few insecure years I hated my hands- now I am just fine with the "large digits" God gave me- 1) I can always buy the sample size ring without sizing and 2) they are large enough to stack MANY rings on one finger..so that is good news! So here they are world, haahaa}

Moving on-
{I like Creative Cuticle Remover I like to use this and push back my cuticles with a Cuticle Tool, I also use a cuticle clipper to get any "strays"}

 {Chip Skip- I think this REALLY helps- right after I "buff" I put this on- I notice a difference}

{I think all base coats are pretty much equal, as long as you use one. Right now I am using Revlon Colorstay Base coat}

{I let that dry, then I put on my color- Of course I love Chanel polish- they always have the best colors. I also love Essie colors. My #1 favorite is Essie Ballet Slippers tied with Essie Muchi Muchi}

{Finally, I use Essie "Good to Go"- I have tried a million Top coats- this is the best I have used}
Here are all of my go-to colors:

OPI La Paz-Itively Hot (this has been my go-to toe color for years






  1. Love this post, I never thought about purchasing Essie nail polish from Amazon!!

    1. Thanks- I have a bit of an amazon issue :) Have a great day!

  2. Jenica, what color of nail polish do you have on in the picture? I love that color - pinks are my favorite! I had never thought about purchasing nail polish from Amazon.com either!

    1. In the picture is Lovie Dovie by Essie- I am a pink girl too :)


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