When Dave and I were first married we could hardly wait to get a dog! The moment we closed on our first home in Alexandria, VA we went to "look" at dogs- and of course purchased one- a 1/2 Lab, 1/2 Golden named Walker. He was my first child- imagine all of the energy I put into my girls and know that Walker received ALL of that energy as a puppy! He grew to be 98lbs but was my baby. He rode in my car with me everywhere, I worked from home so we would walk and lunch and play, etc.. We moved to AZ a few months later and were convinced that Walker needed a buddy (if anyone tries to tell you that two dogs are easier than one- IGNORE THEM!).  SO, we purchased a Golden Retriever named Jefferson. I had Walker and Jeffrey (AKA "the boys") together for a year before Ellie came. I purchased "Prepare your dog for babies" cd's and books, we watched Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer) on TV and Video- "the boys" and I were fully ready for the baby. I purchased organic dog food for them, we would have puppy play dates, dog training classes, fun trips to the doggie boutique for special toys and "bully sticks", puppy pops at the local Custard store- you name it! I loved my boys! Ellie and Jeffrey had a special bond- they would just lay together and play together- he is a sweet boy and she remembers him and talks about him often (all of her stuffed dogs are named Jeffrey). Walker really just liked me! When I was 7 months pregnant with Izzy (Ellie was almost 2) we decided to move to Kansas City and for Dave to go to Law School (that is a whole different "post") but in order to stay with my parents during the transition (and ended up being longer than the transition- again, another post)- the "dog children" had to go. I literally cried about giving them away for 3 years- if I am being honest I still cry about it on the occasion when I see a picture of Walker- don't judge- he was my first born, haahaa! Long story short- we gave Walker to our fabulous friends who have 5 precious kids to love him and Jeffrey went to live with our other precious friends who have 4 kids to love him- one in particular, Shelby, is like Jeffrey's soul mate! That is the only way I felt better- they were with the best families! Fast forward 4 years- Jeffrey's family is in St. Louis and preparing for a move, 2 weddings and they are finishing Seminary- they have a LOT going on! They needed someone to dogsit Jeffrey for 3 weeks, so guess who offered? Of course we did! The girls have been SO excited and Dave has been ecstatic! I am not quite sure my little heart can take it- but I am trying not to get attached- I keep telling myself I am DOGsitting, I am DOGsitting! So...here you go- some pics of our houseguest! P.S. My #1 advice I give engaged/newly married couples (besides God at the center of your marriage, of course) is- DO NOT GET A DOG, hahaa! Now that I have kids I think- why did we tie ourselves and our money into dogs when we could have been so free!!! I always have to learn the hard way!

{Walker (left) and Jeffrey (right) when we first brought Jeffrey home}

{There is nothing cuter than a Golden puppy! This is Jeffrey..probably hiding from Walker, who liked to throw him across the room!}

{The girls LOVE Jeffrey- they are watching TV with him here}

{Izzy and Jeffrey}

{They have been using the Furminator on him every day!}

{For some reason they think cleaning up his paw marks is fun- fabulous for me!}

{In Love}

So, that is what we are up to- I am guarding my heart and telling the girls WE ARE NOT GETTING A DOG!!!! I am reminded of all of the reasons why I am glad we DO NOT have a dog- hair, vet bills, finding a place for them when we travel, potty in the rain, etc.. But, we are certainly having fun!

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