The Reunion!

BRACE YOURSELF!!! This might be my longest post ever! There is so much to tell you about our trip to Dallas. First, we love Dallas- what a cool city!
I will start by telling you about our adventure getting to Dallas- (for those of you who did not see my post about our time at the White House- HERE it is). Our flight was supposed to leave at 6:45pm- we arrived at the airport at 5:00pm (feeling very relaxed and free since this was the first time flying without the girls in 5 YEARS!), we went to check in and realized that Dave did not have his Driver's license. We might have been able to get on the flight with additional screening, but we could not go to any event in Dallas without it (security with the Presidents)- so Dave ran to the car to look for it and before I knew it he was driving 40 minutes home to see if it was at the house. Leaving me with 4 carry on bags and the boarding passes, etc.. He arrived home and found his license (PRAISE GOD) and headed 40 minutes back to the airport- he called me on the road and suddenly his car broke down on the highway. At this point, I changed his ticket but I decided to stay on the 6:45pm flight because we had to claim our tickets to the dedication by 10:00pm. SO, Dave called my mom and a tow truck from the side of the highway- my mom had our 3 girls in the bath and threw them in the car to come get him. Mom and the tow truck arrived at the same time and he was on his way to the airport again. I was sitting at the gate and kept watching for the plane to arrive, around 6:45pm it finally arrived - so we were obviously delayed. I called Dave when the A's started boarding (we were B's) and asked where he was- he was just pulling up to the airport- I told him to RUN!!! I ran (with 4 huge bags) to the security line and asked the security agent if he could help me! I told him that I had Dave's boarding pass and all of the carry on bags- he ran to the end of the line and pulled Dave through (while I ran back to the gate to board and warn the agent that he was coming)- Dave got through security and walked on the plane as the door was closing!!! PRAISE GOD! Few lessons learned a) it is an advantage to have a small airport 2) the security guards aren't all A-holes c) God cares and provides all of the time d) check for your driver's license before getting to the airport- finally d) fear, worry, whining, complaining, anger, etc..cannot change the situation (as my dad says, "It is what it is")- Trust, prayer, faith and action can!!!
MOVING ON!!! Here are some pics:

{My chicks- reunited! So excited to see these girls- from left to right: Kate (my intern, roommate's sister, candlelighter in my wedding, friend), Molly (roommate, maid of honor, friend), Ashley (worked with us at the White House, darling friend, former roommate of Katy), Katy (hired me at the WH, bridesmaid, and awesome friend!)}

{The 4 of us spent a LOT of time together- these two set up our engagement for Dave}

{Dave and I at the dedication event- it was so much fun to go back and reunite with all of the people who were with us from the start!}

{What a line up of speakers- once in a lifetime!}

 {Our lunch reunion- Abel, who worked with us at The White House- would love that he is the only man in this pic!}

{Our buddies John and Tracy- John was a groomsman in our wedding and Tracy worked with us. I laughed so hard I about wet my pants with these two! Love them!}

{The afternoon (Thursday) after the dedication we had a Bush/Cheney reunion BBQ and The President, VP and Mrs. Bush came and spoke and worked the room- truly funny and charming!}

{Dave and I at the reunion BBQ}

{Office of Public Liaison reunion! I LOVE these people!}

{This was a big moment for Dave (talking with VP Cheney), so I had to paparazzi the moment and snap a picture! I told him I sacrificed my moment for his picture, hahaa :)}

{This is the crew who went out Friday night to celebrate Luke (in the middle) we had the limo (behind us) so we had to document it! We went to THE MOST HORRIBLE place recommended by the concierge, called "Dicks Last Resort"- their whole deal is they are mean to people and hang bras on the wall- UMMMM, horrible! We left and ended up having a blast!}

{The tour of the Bush center- it was AMAZING!!!!! Truly amazing! This is Dave and I in the "Oval Office" I love that they allow you to sit everywhere and touch everything- it is great! (not quite sure what I am doing with my hand in this picture!)}

{OH, just kickin' it in the Oval Office!}

{This was my favorite picture at the center- she is stunning!}

{Not sure how you can disagree with this! (P.S. DO NOT SEND ME HATE MAIL!!!}

{Two beams from the World Trade Center- that section literally brought us all to tears. Again, they let you touch all of it}


{Dave and I with "41" and "43"}

{This was our favorite part- the "Decision Points" room- so cool! They let you make decisions on some of the major things President Bush had to decide-such a great idea and execution!}

{First trip (of more than 24 hours) in 5 Years- we did get a moment of a date, haha! We loved Dallas and loved getting good mexican food!}

There you go- it was AMAZING and bittersweet! Our journey with the Bush/Cheney team is at an end. There will never be another occasion where we all gather up in those massive numbers- it is such a bummer, but we truly have life long friends and are excited to watch where everyone ends up! We were single kids right out of college when we started at the White House, we are now parents who have been married for 9 years! I am forever grateful for our time in DC with such awesome people!

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  1. What a wonderful experience - so happy that you and Dave we part of this special event that means so much to both of you. Congrats!! Love,


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