Bible Study Night!

I wanted to tell you about our new Bible Study night! The girls and I just love it! I was sitting in church a couple of weeks ago and the pastor was talking about how he is discipling his son- he meets with him once a week for discipleship and Bible study. I thought to myself- that is neat, I cant wait to do that with the girls! Then I realized that I can do that now, just a modified version! Here is what it looks like for us! 
{As previously mentioned we have started a job board- it is going well, the girls can hardly wait for me to reveal their jobs each morning! I decided to add a day of the week on the job board (see below)- that day of the week is their Bible Study day. On that day, they get to stay up 30 minutes late and have Bible Study with me. It is different every week. Last week we sat outside with twinkle lights on and studied Genesis 1, this week we snuggled on the couch and worked on fun ways to memorize scripture}

{Our scripture for this week is 1 Peter 5:7- we looked up all of the translations until we found one that we wanted to work on (we just pulled up Biblegateway.com, for this one we chose The Voice- which is a great new translation) Here it is on our garage chalk wall}

{Speaking of, it is the end of school- look how our art wall has grown! I am excited to take it all down and start over in the fall!}

{We sang a song about the verse, wrote it out in our journals (I have them bring their journals to Bible Study) and ultimately this is what worked for Ellie- we drew the verse in pictures. I am sure the song will work best for Izzy, but we will see! Forgive my artwork- Ellie was impressed, which is all that matters!}

So that is our Bible Study Night plan, it is really simple and fun and gives me a chance to hang with the girls one on one, which never happens! I will keep you posted as we go- but you are welcome to join us on 1 Peter 5:7! 

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