Delightful Beauty Product Awards!

I always LOVE the magazines that give out Beauty Awards to their favorite products- since I have tried MOST of them (I have a problem where products are concerned) I thought that I might like to give out my own product awards! I worked at Neiman Marcus (in Newport Beach, CA) during college and that is where my love of makeup began! The ladies who worked with me were so mean they made me cry most days, so I would spend my work hours at the makeup desk! Ever since, I love to go "play" at makeup counters- or Sephora! I am quite excited about my awards- it has really made me do some extra "research" lately- which is a blast! Here we go!

My Awards for the Best Foundations:
1. Full coverage- yet natural looking: Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation 
2. Best Drug Store Foundation: Garnier BB Cream
3. Best Event Foundation (special occasion): Dior Airflash
4. Best powder: Bare Minerals 
5. Best Tinted Moisturizer- Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Skin Tint (lots of people would argue that Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer is the best)

My Award for the Best Bronzer:

1. Laura Mercier Baked Face Powder- My friend Christina introduced me to this- it is so lovely! Seriously the best bronzer I have used!
My Award for the Best Blushes:
1. Trish McEvoy- She has the best blush that lasts forever and the colors are all so natural and lovely. My favorite spring/summer shade (looks scary) Peony Pink- but it is really lovely on!
2. Stila Custom Color Blush this also looks scary- but it self adjusts to your skin tone and leaves a really lovely shade- a new favorite!
3. Of course, good old trusty Nars Orgasm it looks good on everyone and it a staple! (I am not quite sure why Nars uses such raunchy names- "orgasm" "deep throat"- I mean, when I go in to get some with my girls I have to spell or whisper the names out of my own uncomfortable feeling!)

My Award for the Best Tools:

1. Of course...Clarisonic! If I would do it again, I would have spent the cash on the Big boy- Clarisonic Pro but I have the Mia and love it!
2. Along those lines...I think it is worth it to get the Deep Pore or Acne Cleansing  replacement heads- I try to take the head off after each use, I think it dries out better and doesn't get musty.
3. The Sonicare Toothbrush is a favorite for so many years! I can tell a big difference when I don't use it!

My Award for the Best Self Tanner/Body Bronzers:
I will start by saying, I am REALLY gun shy with self tanner- there is nothing worse than the "orange ankles" you know what I am talking about! However, I have found some items that are amazing! My #1 tip is exfoliate- I use a brush in the shower and it makes the biggest difference. I also dab a little lotion or oil on the rough spots (ankles, elbows, knees)
1. I really like Fake Bake Lotion, I use the Fair lotion most of the time, just to get a glow. I like that it comes with gloves so it spreads easily and doesn't stain the hands
2. I like Fake Bake Face - it is great for the face!
3. Laura Mercier Body Bronzing Makeup this is not tanner, more of a body bronzer that washes off- it gives the most delightful glow in a pinch- I used it in Dallas for my reunion trip and received a lot of compliments- it has a shimmer but not tacky shimmer. It is really lovely!

My Award for the Best Lipstick:
1. Trish McEvoy Lipstick is the best- never "bunches" it goes on glossy and lovely! A lot of them have SPF in them, so that is great too! My favorites are Vibrant Pink, Milan, Sheer Baby Pink
2. Nars Lipgloss- if you are a pink person you would love Angelika 
3. Trish McEvoy Essential Balm Lip Crayon- I LOVE this new product! It goes on like gloss and lipstick- its only flaw is that it needs to be sharpened- so you cant just throw it in the purse and leave it!

My Award for the Best Hair Product
1. Dry shampoo- Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry is awesome and smells good!
2. Moroccan Oil- I love this and use it right out of the shower and right before the "iron"

My Award for the Best Eye Products:
1. Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen- this is my favorite! The budget friendly runner up is Neutrogena brightening eye perfecter 
2. Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks- these last forever
3. Bobby Brown concealer
4. Clinique All About Eyes Serum- this has a roller ball that works wonders- it is not very moisturizing, so I put eye cream over it but it works well on de-puffing!
5. Trish McEvoy Eye Base essentials - I have dark eye lids and this stuff is awesome to brighten them up and it makes shadow stay on forever!
6. Trish McEvoy Gel Eye Liner- this is seriously amazing- I can cry and it doesn't smudge- and it goes on so easily!
7. DIORSHOW New Look or Blackout Mascara

My Award for the Best Skin Care:
1.  Mask: Glam Glow, My friend Katie and I just started using this and LOVE it- I have noticed a real difference! 
2. Wash: Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash- I cannot live without this- I keep it in my shower and love it! 

Miscellaneous Mentions :
1. Jojoba oil- this stuff is amazing for moisturizer (at night), with lotion, on hair, nails, etc... 
2. Vitamin E Oil- as previously mentioned, I mix this with my lotion every day- LOVE it! 
3. Vaseline Spray and Go- so convenient in a pinch or on a trip- for the whole fam! 

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