End of School/Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Here are some fun ideas and inspirations for End of School/Teacher Appreciation!

1. THIS is a great post for Teachers- take the time to read it, it is really great!
2. HERE is an article about what they do not want- and do want!
3. LilyCole Teacher Cards
4. You can never go wrong with a Starbucks Gift Card- or Target!
5. I love THESE tumblers
6. A Yummy Candle- make sure it is fabulous :) (there is nothing worse than a yucky candle or yucky lotion!) THIS is my favorite of course!
7. Speaking of Lotion...THIS is a great one!
8. THESE are great notecards
9. I would think a spa certificate (mani, pedi) would be great!
10. A cool journal like THIS, THIS, THIS
11. You can never have too many cool Kitchen Towels (or HERE)
12. THIS is a great idea- take a copy of Oh the Places You'll Go to the teacher every year and have them sign it for your child. I like THIS link- it has a little note you can give the teacher. My ONLY issue with this idea is I would guess that this would be a little annoying for the teacher- trying to wrap up school and get home to their family and they have 20 some books to write in (if everyone thought about doing this) but I think they would be happy to do it!

{Everyone likes a cool cup! }

{These Teacher Cards are my favorites!}

{You can get cool-custom notebooks and gift cards from May Books}

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