It's Delightful: MAY!!!

May is an EXTREMELY special month (in my mind)..it is my "birth month", it is the end of school (which is always fun), it means green grass and flowers, it is not too hot and not too cold (although we are expected to experience extreme May coldness in KC over the next few days), pool and lake seasons begin, Mother's Day, baseball, what is not to like about May?!?
THIS May is especially special to DelightfulMomStuff! On May 1 (today) we hit 1 Million Pageviews- (which is fun), our redesign will (hopefully) be done this month, I am launching a new sponsor section, and I have a bunch of fun ideas for this month! I was thinking of fun ways to celebrate this DELIGHTFUL month- so here it is! If you have a business, product, blog, website, etc.. that you would like to promote on here during the month of may- send me an email at {jenica@delightfulmomstuff.com} this is totally free and fun- just a way for me to get to know YOU and everyone else to get to know you as well! I am so excited to find fun new products/blogs/info! Who knows, we might have so much fun this will go into June! 

OK...here we go! Happy May! 

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