The Fairy Finally Came!!!

It was a big day- Ellie lost her first tooth. After months of watching all of her friends lose their teeth- the moment came. Can I just say this- DRAMATIC- as I knew it would be! The pure drama of pulling the tooth was hilarious! We were at my friend Lisa's house and as she said- "there is a reason why they say- "It's like pulling teeth" which makes so much sense now! Naturally, I did not think she was going to let me pull it, so I was not prepared AT ALL! After putting the girls to bed I did a little search for "tooth fairy ideas" and...HOLY COW Y'ALL! I am not knocking you if you go all out for the fairy (you GO GIRL!!!)- but WOW....in my mind, they are dead baby teeth!!!! I cannot believe my eyes at all of the Pinterest ideas for the fairy. When I was a kid, I think I threw the tooth under the pillow in a baggie and woke up the next day to a quarter (is that right mom? I don't remember!) I am just sayin'.. WOAH! I do think the pillow or the little box or one of those things is a great idea- mostly because I think, if Ellie is sleeping and she nudges the tooth onto the ground, I will be crawling around in the middle of the night in the dark looking for that tooth!
I also didn't know how to answer her when she asked why the tooth fairy leaves some people $1, some people a toy, some get a book, some get $10- so here is what I said "mommy alerts the Tooth Fairy when you have a loose tooth and I get to put in an order for what I think is a blessing for you. Every family is different and the tooth fairy is great at knowing what each family wants." That is the best I could come up with without saying- "mommy and daddy would NEVER let anyone in our home in the middle of the night to sneak in your room, while I am at it, there is no physical way Santa can come down the chimney with gifts and the Easter Bunny does not come leave plastic eggs with candy and toys in our home. I just keep lying to my kids about this stuff in order to save the "magic" for other kids! haahaa whew- Bah Humbug!
I have one additional Tooth Fairy question- What do you do with that tooth when you swipe it from the room? I assume throw it away? Or flush it? I am certainly not keeping it- no one wants to look back and remember their dead baby teeth, right?

So, here is what I did- I got in the spirit and I found some glitter paint (THIS is great and really sheer) from the "craft box" (I don't even know if painting a dollar bill is legal- I assume it is) and I made the dollar sparkle- like the tooth fairy gave it to her (idea courtesy of my friend Lisa). I am going to have to keep a stash of dollars in the drawer- or I might switch it up every tooth- we will see! My friend Amy has a stash from the dollar store or Party City that she uses for the Fairy. By the time Milly looses a tooth, I will have this whole thing figured out for you I am sure! But for now...this is all I have!

Here are some of my favorite Tooth Fairy Ideas:
{This is great (LINK)- it inspired me to say "Ellie you better clean your room up or the tooth fairy will not be able to find your bed- she was ALL over it!}

{I love the pillow- This is cute}
{THIS is a darling idea- I am just not sure (FOR ME) if a) the kids will ever really care about the date they lost each tooth and b)if this idea is sustainable for 3 kids? (meaning, by the time Milly is losing teeth, will I really document each one?) Cute though!}

{THIS would not be NEARLY fancy enough for my girls- but I love the box idea (I like this simple one for boys or girls)- someone gave Ellie a gorgeous Mud Pie Fairy box when she was born that we used- not for sale anymore- but gorgeous! Anyway, it was helpful to have the box!}

{THESE are darling dolls}
{Can't leave the boys out- THIS is cute for a boy!}

I also asked my friends- who are a LOT better at this stuff than I am!!! Here are their ideas: (Thank you Amy, Amy and Sarah!)
5. Silvericious (apparently you can get Gold Coin Chocolates to go with this- found at Party City)

1. Set the alarm clock for the middle of the night so you don't forget
2. THIS is a darling pillow 

Well- that is my Tooth Fairy post for now- like I said, I am sure I will have all sorts of ideas by the time Milly is up there...or I might be throwing them in a baggie and slipping her a quarter! 
Either way- it was an exciting day!!! 

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