Babysitting Guidelines

With summertime here, we have a new batch of babysitters available- during the school year it is tough to get sitters during the day with school and activities in the evenings. However, summertime is great because they want to earn money and we need some breaks! I jotted this list down because it seems like I am always running out the door when the babysitters arrive, so I can just have this in the kitchen and I won't forget anything. I also think I might email it to them before hand- just to make sure we are on the same page! Thought it might come in handy for you as well. Obviously every family is different and this is what is important to us! 

Babysitting Guidelines for Our Family:

We are so blessed to have you here with our children. It is a really big deal for us to entrust you with our greatest blessings and our home. Thank you for being trustworthy. Honesty and Integrity (doing the right thing even when no one is looking) are extremely important to us, please feel free to let us know if you have any concerns with the girls or the house. Because this is a “job”- we do have a few expectations and in an effort to set you up for success, here are a few guidelines. 

Guidelines for our children and you:
this is what we expect from our children, if they choose to act differently, they receive a consequence. (Please check with me on the consequence.) 
  • They must be respectful and obedient to you 
  • They must be respectful to each other
  • They are not to use “potty talk” or foul language at any time (I ask the same of you)
  • They need to have A BLAST!!! play, sing, dance, giggle- this is a fun evening for them as well- they love having you here!
  • TV and electronics should be kept to a minimum (no matter how much they beg!)
  • In this home, we are Christians and serve Jesus Christ- if you have opinions that contradict what we believe in this home- please keep them to yourself. 
  • We would appreciate the house to be in the same or better condition than when we leave 
  • Please do not answer the door unless otherwise instructed by us. 
  • Please do not let the girls go outside of the house unless previously discussed 
  • Please do not drive with the children in a car
  • Please do not invite anyone else in our home while we are away (including neighborhood children)
  • Keep your cell phone near you so that I can get in touch with you- but other than me or your mother, please stay off of the phone while the children are awake. 
  • Please call me if you need anything at all or if you feel uncomfortable about anything at all
  • The girls do give me a FULL report of every detail that happens :) so if there is something I should know- I would appreciate knowing from you- that way I will get the whole story! 

Again, thank you for blessing our family. 
Contact: XXX-XXXX


  1. It's important that you set rules from the start so as to avoid conflict. It would be best to be honest right from the start and you tell your babysitter what you want and how you want things at home when you're away so both of you can have a harmonious relationship.

    - BabySittersRegistry.com

  2. Guidelines, rules, policies, instructions, whatever you may call it, it's essential to impose them. It's not really being strict but it's one way of having a good relationship with the sitter. If you set guidelines for her, she knows just what to do and your expectations are met.

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