Flower Girl Recap

We have had so much going on this summer- at this point I don't put the suitcases away, I just unpack, wash, and repack for the next adventure! We just returned from my hometown where the girls were flower girls in the wedding of two AMAZING people who are lifelong family friends. It is a rare occasion where you see such a pure relationship where you are completely confident that the two people getting married are completely made for each other! I am so blessed that my girls were able to witness a wedding that was so much fun and at the same time so honoring to The Lord. There was no inappropriate raunchy "wedding talk", no inappropriate dancing or drinking- it was just a really fun wedding celebrating two darling people! Ellie has been in 2 weddings and we are so blessed that both of them have been such awesome examples of pure celebration! I truly believe that one of the greatest honors is being asked to be involved in someone's wedding- my girls will forever remember this weekend and I am so blessed that they got to be The Flower Girls! Here are some pics- please forgive the photography- the iPhone stinks in dark places!

{This is Kelsey- the Bride- when she was a junior bridesmaid in my wedding 9 years ago- this makes me feel OLD! She was so darling and now she is such a lovely woman!}

{I mean, seriously...next stop Toddlers and Tiaras- I cannot believe we need this much gear for 3 days! This is the life of 4 high maintenance girls in our family!}

{The Girls with Kelsey at the Bridesmaid Brunch}

{Me and the Flower Girls at the Bridesmaid Brunch}

{Nails with the big girls!}

{This is Grace- I was her first babysitter when she was an infant- again, feeling old :) however, my girls are in love with her and she is the most darling girl on the outside and inside! I would love her to spend as much time with my girls as possible!}


{This is our only family pic we took- before the rehearsal/dinner the girls were so pumped about their pink cowgirl boots!}

{Wedding Day Hair}

{This is the first time Izzy has ever had a "hair tool" used on her hair!}

{Ready to Roll! Izzy saw this picture and said "ooh, my lipgloss looks fabulous" Oh SHEESH! This is her "flower girl face" she kept making this face!}

{Love this- bridal party praying over Kelsey- and my girls in the mix!}

{M.O.F.G. (mom of the flower girls!) They did a great job- I don't have any ceremony pics yet- I will let the bride/groom/family reveal those first- but they did great! }

{The reception was so much fun- Ellie's godparents were in town- love them!}

{Two of our favs!}

{Ellie with pops- aka my dad!}

{This girl made it to the very end!}


There you go! Let's just say all three girls were in bed by 7pm tonight- so is their mama! We are whipped but blessed! 

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  1. Kelsey the bride is so beautiful! I love her hot pink strapless dress for the bridal brunch! It is so special that she was in your wedding and now she had your girls in her wedding! Ellie & Izzy look adorable in their flower girl dresses! I know they must have loved every minute of it! Thank you so much for posting - I love seeing your family!


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