This is going to be a delightful week- this is the first week where "summer" kicks in! We start the fun camps, the weather is warming up to be "swimmable" AND...I am having a Girls Night Out Party tomorrow evening! My cousin Amy just moved to KC and I want her to meet all of these fun girls and I am excited to bring a little home shopping to the party. I recently went to a "Norwex" party- honestly, I am not a huge fan of the in home product selling products- I feel like there is a weird pressure to buy as opposed to going to a store and walking out if I feel like it. HOWEVER, I do love it when my friends have fun parties and I always try to go to support them and have a good excuse for a night away (I guess if I think about it- it is cheaper than a babysitter and dinner- and you get something fun in the end!) SO, I was so pumped on these Norwex products (after my friend Maggie had a party) that I decided to have the Rep come to my "welcome party" for Amy. I am a sucker for products (as you know) and I love anything that makes cleaning easy AND gets chemicals out of my house (chemicals in a lot of cleaners are linked to cancer, many health problems for kids, etc..). I also love that these products are re-usable- so I am not having to get online every month or whatever and "reorder". Some of the products do require that (laundry detergent), but overall most of their products work with WATER!!! Perfect and so great to kick the chemicals! 
SO...I thought we could have a little "virtual" party here- I will give you links to my favorite products and the sign in- and if you want any products you can join our party! I will also do a little recap this week because I am all excited about my cheese/chocolate/wine spread! (who doesn't love those things?)

Here you go:
WEBSITE: www.kerrilindsay.norwex.biz

*Go to Products
*Shop now...make your selections
*Don't forget to choose the name of your hostess (Jenica McMaster) towards the end of check out.

My 10 Favorites...So Far:
1. Enviro Cloth: this is awesome wet or dry- I use it for my computer screen, sunglasses, iPhone, iPad, etc.. when I use it wet it is amazing- my high chair has never looked better..after all 3 kids used it! It traps bacteria in the cloth so it doesn't spread it around the house- I have been really amazed by this cloth (apparently you can even take carpet stains out with just the cloth and water!)
2. Enviro Cloth Travel Pack: this is so great for kids- just a smaller "wash cloth size" of the Enviro Cloth- great for kids, traveling, etc..
3. Window Cloth- this is my next purchase, the enviro cloth is awesome on glass tables, windows, etc.. this cloth just makes it shine up really easily, and it is great on jewelry also! (I am wondering about it on my silver stuff too, cant wait to try that)
4. Dusting Mitt: I HATE, HATE, HATE dusting- this makes it a cinch- I just throw the mitt on and walk around wiping the dust, it doesn't spread at all!
5. Kids Mop: I like this idea- the girls can help clean with only water- they are always asking to mop...there you go! 
6. Makeup Removal Package: I am dying to try this- it says it takes off mascara with only water! I will let you know, it is on my short list!
7. Laundry Detergent: I love this! 1tsp per load- this should last forever! It is all natural so it doesn't leave any film or fragrance on your clothing- which is so much better! 
8. Bathroom Scrub Mitt: this is also on my short list- apparently it cleans shower doors in a swipe- and the "orange stuff" really easily, with just water.
9. Cleaning Paste: this is also on my short list- all of the ladies at the party I went to were raving about it!
10. Dish Cloth: according to my friend Maggie, this is amazing- gets anything hard to scrub off in a swipe- I totally trust Maggie, so this is on my list too! 

OK- there you go! I am so excited for the party and cant wait to give you a little recap..if I remember to take pictures! Have a fabulous week! 

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