Catching UP!

I have been a bad "blogger" this summer..and I am okay with that! I feel like I should soak this summer up- in one month my big girl will be in First Grade and gone from me more than she is with me...which I strongly dislike! So we are just spending TIME this summer- hanging out and playing...and of course I get myself into a million random projects when I am home! For example, we were playing outside one day and I decided to whip out a paint can and paint all of the outdoor light fixtures- that led me to taking the glass in to have new clear glass cut for them- that led the girls to want to paint, so we decided to paint a pink chalk wall in the garage- that led to me emptying the entire garage onto the drive way and blowing, spraying and mopping the garage- which led to us ripping out most of the plants in the front of our house- which led us to getting tons of dirt to regrade the front and back of the house- which led us to re-mulching the front- that led us to trimming the trees and cutting one down in the back....very productive house week...very unproductive blogger/everythingelser! Here is a little update of what we have been up to this summer! 

{If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen this- but it is our new "Raspberry" chalk wall- my poor husband!}

{4th of July at the lake! The tradition is my parents take the kids on the golf cart parade- they LOVE it! Our sweet friend Lori got to go along this year!}

{This has been a HUGE summer for my girls and their "fear factor"- they have always been tentative- and last summer I forced them to take swim lessons all summer- even through tears- and it made a huge difference! This is Ellie and her buddy Sydney- lake buds jumping in!}

{This was also a big year for fireworks- last summer Ellie was scared of the loud noises, this summer she launched them with her daddy!}

{Someone discovered Ice Cream Cones- sheesh!}

{The "Hot Dog" is huge this year- Ellie is doing a "trick" and standing up- again, huge!}

{Love sleeping boat babies! Notice how she has a tight grip on her snacks- she held them for the entire nap!}

{Me and Izz on the Dog!}

{I got a new App- "A Beautiful Mess" so I am playing with it- I like writing on the photos!}

{Our friends have the coolest neighborhood pool- Ellie LOVED this slide!}

{We have done lots and lots and lots of swimming this summer- so much fun!}

That is it- you are welcome to follow along on instagram {JENICAMCM}- I have a yummy cold pasta salad recipe I am working on- I will share it soon! 

Happy Summer! 


  1. Jenica,
    First of all, I love your raspberry wall in the garage! It's so cheerful for the girls! I love the "sisters" picture with their bright swimsuits! They look like they are all enjoying life so much! Your 'boat baby' looks like a sweet angel! I truly enjoy your blog!


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